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An endowment is a permanent fund, invested for growth and income. Its purpose is to provide a perpetual source of income. Endowment funds are important to Texas Tech because they relieve the University from having to raise every single dollar it needs every single year. They provide income that the College of Arts and Sciences can depend on. They support undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, professorships and research funds. They build the bulwark for everything the College must do: recruit the best students and faculty, generate trailblazing research and work for a better world.

By generating a steady stream of income while leaving the principal untouched, the endowment makes it possible for the College to respond to unforeseen opportunities and weather the ebb and flow of state funding, tuition income and federal government grant making.

Endowments can be restricted or unrestricted. The donor of an endowment fund names the endowment and can specify its purpose. Donors who establish an endowment fund in the College receive updates on the fund's financial performance as well as its usage. The donors' heirs may also receive these reports.

Endowment Annual Spendable

$1 million
Estimated Annual
Fund Payout
(based on 4.5%
est. by BOR)

Creating Named Endowments

Undergraduate Scholarship. With over 8,000 students, the College of Arts & Sciences is the largest college at Texas Tech. The college was only able to offer support to about 30% of our students this past year. The need for increasing scholarship support has never been greater as the cost continues to increase at all universities. By creating a named endowment, the donor will be able to establish the criteria for choosing a student.
(Minimum giving $25,000)

Graduate Fellowships. The College of Arts & Sciences needs new graduate fellowship support to compete successfully for the most promising graduate students, who in turn contribute to the university's reputation as one of the nation's premier research and teaching institutions and to the recruitment and retention of top faculty. Flexible fellowship support can leverage state-funded stipends to raise the total fellowship award available to top students. In this way, fellowship support enables academic departments in the College to recruit their best and brightest candidates.
(Minimum giving $50,000)

Chairs and Program Directors. Endowments for faculty chairs and program directors provide academic leaders the critically needed monies to support the work of their departments and programs in the teaching and learning of students.
(Minimum giving $1 million)

Professorships. Professorships enable Texas Tech to recruit, retain and support outstanding faculty. These endowed funds supplement faculty salaries as well as provide support for course development, research, graduate assistants and equipment.
(Minimum giving $500,000)

Associate Faculty Professorships. Associate Faculty Endowed Professorships are used to recognize mid-career faculty who are "rising stars" in their discipline. The endowment recognizes their achievement and supports their continued research and scholarship. The recipient would hold the named position until receiving promotion to professor. The candidate will have demonstrated strong research and leadership skills and will be highly regarded nationally and internationally among his/her peers.

Humanities: Associate Professorship $200,000
Social Sciences: Associate Professorship $250,000
Sciences: Associate Professorship $300,000

Assistant Faculty Professorships. Assistant Faculty Endowed Professorship are used to recruit strong junior faculty and is an endowment the candidate holds until receiving tenure. The candidate will have demonstrated strong research and potential leadership skills and will be highly regarded among his/her peers.

Humanities: Assistant Professorship $100,000
Social Sciences: Assistant Professorship $150,000
Sciences: Assistant Professorship $200,000

For more information, please contact the College of Arts & Sciences Development Office. 806-834-3847.

Non-Endowed Gifts

Funds for Excellence: Dean & Departments

Each year the College of Arts & Sciences has many expenses that are not covered by state funding. Special needs for faculty and students such as attending academic conferences or purchasing additional equipment can be covered by unrestricted money given to our Funds for Excellence. You can make a donation for the Dean's use or to a specific department in the college.

Dean's Fund for Excellence

Biological Sciences

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures



The Institute of Environmental & Human Health Student Scholarship 


Kinesiology & Sport Management


Mathematics & Statistics


Physics & Astronomy

Political Science

Psychological Sciences

Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

Adding to Existing Programs & Scholarships


The Center for the Integration of STEM Education & Research (CISER)
Undergraduate Research Scholarship Endowment

CISER 2015 
As Texas Tech University continues its pursuit of Tier One status, programs such as CISER's are paramount in recruiting, retaining and preparing the best and brightest students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Undergraduate Research Scholars comprise the cornerstone of our program, supporting the national push to introduce research-based inquiry earlier in student education. CISER emphasizes long-term research projects in faculty laboratories. To date our program has produced over 500 Research Scholars. Our Scholars have been authors (including first authorship) on over 130 scientific publications (some in the leading journals in respective fields) and have presented their research at over 350 professional meetings. To learn more about CISER, follow this link.

Give to CISER

Recruiting & Merit-based Scholarships & Fellowships

Merit-based scholarships are a high priority for the University and the College. They allow Texas Tech to recruit and support the top students from Texas and the nation, students who stimulate the intellectual climate and play a critical role in Texas Tech's quest to become one of the nation's leading public universities. 

One fund that recognizes the academic excellence and the service-minded spirit of top students is the A&S Student Ambassador Fund. This fund provides scholarships for high-achieving students who serve the College of Arts & Sciences as representatives at recruiting, alumni, and campus events.

Give to the A&S Student Ambassador Fund

To find other existing scholarships and fellowships by department, please follow this link and search the name of the department; or contact the College of Arts & Sciences Development Office at 806-834-3847.

Making a Difference:
Every Gift Matters

Geosciences Check from HESS

HESS Corp. of Houston donates $25,000 to the Department of Geosciences.

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Terracon Foundation gives $7,500 to the Institute of Environmental & Human Health

Terracon Foundation in Lubbock donates $7,500 to The Institute of Environmental & Human Health (TIEHH).

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Houston Host Committee with scholarship recipient

The 2015 Houston Alumni Reception brought members of the host committee together for a worthy cause: Bestowing a $1,000 scholarship on TTU Geosciences student Katrina Soundy.

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