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Ghosh Co-PI in $641,745 NIH Grant to Develop
Computer Model of Cancer Drug Effectiveness 

Souparno Ghosh TTU

Souparno Ghosh, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, is Co-Principal Investigator on a three-year $641,745 research grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The money will go toward developing a computer model that can predict the effectiveness of a cancer drug or combination of drugs, depending on a variety of genetic and cellular factors unique to each individual. In the future, this will allow doctors to develop personalized methods of cancer treatment and give patients the best circumstances for survival.

Ghosh and principal investigator Ranadip Pal, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering in the Whitacre College of Engineering, already have collaborated for more than a year—a working relationship that has resulted in published papers, with more in the pipeline, he said.

"We have several of our Ph.D. students working in tandem on these papers," Ghosh said. "Given that the funding agencies are increasingly emphasizing cross-disciplinary research programs, I believe our graduate, and perhaps undergraduate, students will gain valuable research experience working in such cross-disciplinary environment."

Ghosh said that he believes they have created a healthy collaborative environment involving engineers, statisticians and biologists. Dr. Charles Keller of Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute in Oregon is a consultant on this project, and he is expected to help with experimental validation and in-house data generation, for example.

"The major goal of our collaboration is to help develop robust modeling techniques by combining machine learning ideas and biological priors in a fully coherent statistical inferential framework," Ghosh said. 

As a junior faculty member, Ghosh said that he is thankful for the immense support he has received from the Department, the College and TTU at large. "This support has been critical in developing my research agenda," he said.

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