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Emmy Noether High School Math Day 2021

Emmy Noether High School Math Day at Texas Tech

The 18th Emmy Noether High School Mathematics Day went virtual on May 12, 2021.

Since 2003, the Department of Mathematics & Statistics has made this mathematical outreach event a Texas Tech University tradition, where young women from local high schools, middle schools and home schools are encouraged to expand their interest in math and careers in the sciences.

This year, because of the pandemic, the panel was shared—live and recorded—with more than 100 students and teachers. Those serving on the virtual panel represented professors from several academic fields. Panelists included:

They came to describe their experiences as women professors and outline the educational and vocational opportunities open to women through mathematics.

Looking Toward 2022

In Spring 2022, the Emmy Noether High School Mathematics Day will return to its traditional, face-to-face home on the Texas Tech University campus in Lubbock. The enthusiastic energy surrounding the event is contagious.

Once again, high-schoolers will enter a fun and nurturing environment where they will encounter interactive workshops, panel discussions, and a mathematics competition. The students will enjoy their introduction to the university environment and gain insight into careers in STEM. Throughout the day they'll meet several women professors who are living examples that careers in mathematics are attainable, and more importantly, enjoyable!

The event extends a particular welcome to traditionally underrepresented students, connecting them with their peers who share an interest in math, and providing them with successful role models at Texas Tech.

And high-school teachers may attend workshops on fostering STEM in their own classrooms.

Who Was Emmy Noether?

Emmy Noether (1882-1935) was a German mathematician whose innovations in higher algebra gained her recognition as the most creative abstract algebraist of modern times, according to Brittanica.

Noether changed the face of physics by linking two important concepts in physics: conservation laws and symmetries, as reported by an article in Science News. A Wall Street Journal article described her as a pioneer of abstract math who helped explain Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity to mathematicians.

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