Texas Tech University

Interdisciplinary Series Tackles Politics

Written by Toni Salama

Ten faculty across four colleges have come together to form Texas Tech's first open-teaching program. A student who has a class with any of the participating professors may attend any of the lectures in the series.

In addition, several co-curricular events are open to the public.

The pilot program, called Teaching Diversity Across the Curriculum, opens the door to students who are seeking an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary education, said Aliza Wong, associate chair of the College of Arts & Sciences' Department of History. The program was made possible, in part, by the Cross Cultural Academic Advancement Center and its director, Jobi Martinez.

With an eye toward the Nov. 6 presidential election, the program is themed to "Politics, People, and the Popular: Global and Domestic Perspectives on the U.S. Political System," and designed to encourage critical thinking skills from the vantage points of diversity, multiculturalism, access and global citizenship, Wong added.

Participating Professors