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Anthony Cozzolino podcast on molecules that build themselves

Grant Tinsley podcast on intermittent fasting and fat loss

Podcast by TTU Atmospheric Scientist Eric Bruning, the first to map lightning strikes by satellite

Podcast of TTU chemist John D'Auria talking about how research on plant synthesis can help in creating new medicines

Podcast by TTU Ph.D. Candidate Armando Elizalde talking about microplastics polluting the environment

Podcast by TTU Biologist Breanna Harris, who used a feature film to create a classroom discussion guide about death and dying

Podcast by TTU English Professor Kendall Gerdes talking about rhetoric and why choosing the right word matters

Podcast by TTU Political Science Professor David Lektzian, who spent a year as a Council on Foreign Relations Fellow in the think tak for Congress

Podcast by TTU Biology Professor Liam McGuire, who is studying the death of migrator bats caused by wind turbines

Podcast by TTU Horn Professor Bruce Clarke, who was named Astrobiology Chair at the Library of Congress

Podcast by TTU Sociologist Cristina Bradatan, a Fulbright Scholar researching the drought in Romania

Podcast by TTU Ph.D. student Moamen Elmassry, who conducted research during an internship in Washington at the National Institutes of Health

Podcast by TTU Military History Professor Ron Milam on the Ethics of Combat

Podcast by PhD student John Calhoun using mathematics to fight zombies

Podcast by TTU sociologist Jerry Koch on women who get multiple tattoos

Podcast by TTU historian Jorge Iber on his book about baseball great Mike Torrez

Podcast by TTU  professor Angela Lumpkin on how NCAA rules may hurt the academic careers of student-athletes

Podcast by TTU Archaeologist Brett Houk on study abroad in Belize

Podcast of astrophysicist Tom Maccarone describing the pulsar he discovered

Podcast of sport science researcher Matt Stock telling how older women can get stronger through exercise

Podcast of Ruth Serra-Moreno introducing her research on H.I.V. and AIDS.

Podcast of grad student Vanessa Leos on overcoming self-doubt and landing a congressional internship

Podcast of atmospheric scientists Chris Weiss and Johannes Dahl talking about tornado research

Podcast of chemist Dimitri Pappas talking about a time-saving new test for sepsis

Podcast of professor Jacalyn McComb talking about her research with the so-called exercise hormone irisin

Podcast of Atmospheric Scientist Brian Ancell Talking about Better Weather Forecasting

Podcast of astrophysicists Benjamin Owen and Alessandra Corsi  talking about their role in confirming Einstein's theory on gravitational waves

Podcast of toxicologist Seshadri Ramkumar telling how low-grade cotton cleans up environmental oil spills

Podcast of political scientist Robert Forbis talking about the politics of fracking

Podcast of grad student Ashalee Hurst on her research about the psychology, and the hormones, behind jealousy

Podcast of geologist Dustin Sweet's research on ancient glaciers to find a connection to current climate conditions

Podcast of economist Misak Avetisyan research on the costs of preventing another 9/11