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Scholarships in Arts & Sciences

Scholarship Winners 

Who May Apply

You may apply if you are a full-time TTU undergraduate student whose major is in the College of Arts & Sciences during the year of your award. That is, you must complete at least 12 undergraduate TTU credit hours in the fall and 12 undergraduate TTU credit hours in the spring during the year of the award. An exception to this requirement may be considered if you are awarded a congressional internship or presidential internship that limits you to 6 TTU credit hours during the semester that you are in Washington, D.C.

A&S scholarships cover one academic year, fall/spring. Once you have received an A&S scholarship, you may re-apply each year. To apply again, you must go online at the Texas Tech University Financial Aid Office to complete a new application form, submit a new personal statement, and supply a new letter of recommendation—all by the February 1 deadline.

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How to Apply

  1. Be certain that you are majoring in a degree housed in the College of Arts & Sciences.
  2. Submit application materials before the February 1 deadline.
  3. Remember to upload one to two letters of recommendation to the online TTU Scholarship Office.
  4. If you are majoring in more than one subject, be sure to identify each of your major departments on your application.
  5. If your designated major is Pre-Professional Health, be sure to identify this on your application.

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If You are Chosen

If your application is selected for a College of Arts & Sciences scholarship, you will receive a scholarship offer letter. After you receive the scholarship offer letter, there are two things you are required to do:

  1. You must return a completed acceptance form to the Dean's Office.
  2. You must write a thank you letter to the donor and return it to the Dean's Office.

If you do not return both the completed acceptance for and the thank you letter to the Dean's Office by the deadline indicated in the offer letter, you will not receive your award.

Materials and instructions for these required documents are included with the scholarship offer letter. Click here to download a template to use when writing your thank you letter.

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  1. Current restrictions allow the Arts & Sciences scholarship money to be applied to the fall and spring semesters only, not to the summer sessions.
  2. The College does not mail scholarship checks to recipients. If you have been approved to receive a college scholarship and have met the terms of the award, the College of Arts & Sciences will authorize the transfer of funds from the College's scholarship accounts to your student account. You may view your account online, or you may talk to an adviser in the TTU Financial Aid Office to verify that the Arts and Sciences scholarship has been applied to your account.
  3. The number of scholarships that can be awarded may vary from year to year depending on the availability of funds.

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Link to the Application Review & Award Process

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(This information was last revised in July 2015.)

Application Deadlines

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Other Scholarships

Be aware that scholarships offered by various colleges, departments, programs, and offices at TTU may have different deadlines, different application forms, and different requirements.

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More Financial Resources

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Giving Back

Each year, we have many more deserving students than we have scholarships. Anyone who would like to talk about contributing toward scholarships should contact the College of Arts & Sciences Development Office. We are deeply grateful to all of our donors.

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