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Gene Wilde

Fish Ecology, Fishery Management, and Conservation Biology

Email: gene.wilde@ttu.edu

Phone: 1(806)834-0265

  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
  • M.S., University of Nevada-Las Vegas
  • B.S., University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Research Interests

Gene Wilde is a internationally-known fishery biologist and iconoclast. He has published several papers on the effects of length limits and largemouth bass fishing tournaments, among other topics, that challenge the fishery management status quo. His results often are unpopular; however, the cogency of his arguments and the weight of data that he presents make his conclusions hard to ignore.

Gene is interested in all aspects of the ecology, evolution, and management of freshwater fishes. His current research includes studies of: (1) abiotic regulation of habitat use, reproductive ecology, and interannual variation in prairie stream fish assemblages; (2) development and application of quantitative models relating population dynamics of prairie stream fish assemblages to stream discharge; (3) development of models to explain fish movement in telemetry studies and after release in fishing tournaments; and (4) development of models for understanding and assessing the effects of catch-and-release angling. Gene is working on a book on catch-and-release angling.

Gene is interested in the transfer of scientific information from technical outlets to the general public. He is the founder of Pupfish Media, which specializes in production of documentaries on the ecology and management of imperiled and exploited populations.


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