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Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

Wednesdays, 4:00 p.m., Biology Bldg. room 101
Refreshments at 3:30 p.m., Biology Bldg. room 102
 (unless otherwise noted)


Fall 2017

August 25, 2017 Friday 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Title: Quantitative PTM Proteomics and Cell Signaling
Speaker: Dr. Ning Li -- Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Host: Dr. Hong Zhang


Sep 06, 2017

Title: Understanding adaptive diversity in plants: Local adaptations and sexual dimorphism in poplars and willows.
Speaker: Dr. Matt Olson

Host: Dr. Ron Chesser


Sep 13, 2017

Title: TBA
Speaker: Dr. Junping Chen -- USDA

Host: Dr. Ron Chesser


Sep 20, 2017

Title: TBA
Speaker: Dr. Brian Counterman -- Mississippi State University

Host:  Dr. David Ray


Oct 11, 2017

Title: Genomic signatures of social evolution in social insects
Speaker: Dr. Tim Linksvayer -- Univ. of Pennsylvania
Host:  Dr. Sean Rice


Oct 18, 2017

Title: Open
Speaker: --
Host: --


Oct 25, 2017

Title: How the mouse got its stripes: The molecular basis of pigment pattern evolution in rodents.
Speaker:  Dr. Ricardo Mallarino -- Princeton 
Host: Dr. Neal Platt


Nov 01, 2017

Title: Open
Speaker: --
Host: --


Nov 08, 2017

Title: Open
Speaker: --
Host: -- 


Nov 15, 2017

Title: The Sensory Ecology of Sexual Selection in Peafowl
Speaker: Dr. Jessica Yorzinski -- Texas A&M University
Host: Dr. Ken Schmidt


Nov 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Holiday -- No Seminar

Nov 29, 2017

Title: Decrypting Cryptococcus neoformans Mechanisms of Brain Invasion and Immunity
Speaker: Dr. Luis Martinez -- UT El Paso
Host: Dr. Catherine Wakeman



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