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Wednesdays, 4:00 p.m., Biology Bldg. room 101
Refreshments at 3:30 p.m., Biology Bldg. room 102
 (unless otherwise noted)


Fall 2018

August 29, 2018

Title: Chasing a ghost: Allopolyploid origins of the ancestors of Oxyria sinensis (Polygonaceae)
Speaker: Dr. Jianquan Liu - Sichuan University, Lanzhou University
Host: Dr. Matt Olson


September 5, 2018

Title: The Ecology of Vulnerability: Bat Diversity in Southeast Asia's Modified Landscapes
Speaker: Dr. Tigga Kingston - Texas Tech University
Host: Dr. John Zak - Texas Tech University


September 12, 2018

Title: Connecting social interactions to specialized metabolism in actinomycete bacteria
Speaker: Dr. Matt Traxler - UC Berkeley
Host: Dr. Cathy Wakeman


September 19, 2018

Title: Fishing Wilty genes for a cane pole
Speaker: Dr. Chris Rock - Texas Tech University
Host: Dr. John Zak - Texas Tech University


September 26, 2018

Title: How to preserve large predators in the 21st century? Crocodylians as a study case.
Speaker: Dr. Sergio Balaguer-Reina
Host: Dr. Lou Densmore


October 3, 2018

Title: Natural products as mediators of microbial symbiosis in Brazilian stingless bees
Speaker: Dr. Mônica T. Pupo - University of São Paulo
Host: Dr. Amanda Brown - Texas Tech University


October 10, 2018

Title: Foundation species as models for studying the impacts of climate change, exotic species invasion and community-level interactions.
Speaker: Dr. Gery Allan - Northern Arizona University
Host: Dr. Matt Olson


October 17, 2018 cancelled

Title: Insights into regeneration, adaptation and vertebrate genome biology from an extreme model system - snakes
Speaker: Dr. Todd Castoe - Univerity of Texas Arlington
Host: Dr. David Ray - Texas Tech University


October 24, 2018

Title: Causes and consequences of rapid evolutionary change
Speaker: Dr. Brian Gray - AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow
Host: Dr. Breanna Harris - Texas Tech University


October 31, 2018

Title: Resource enrichment of terrestrial ecosystems
Speaker: Dr. Phil Fay - USDA Grassland Soil and Water Research Laboratory
Host: Dr. Nick Smith


November 7, 2018

Title: TBA
Speaker: Dr. Brian Sanderson - Texas Tech University
Host: Dr. Matt Olson - Texas Tech University


November 14, 2018

Title: Light mediated regulation of cellulose biosynthesis
Speaker: Dr. Venugopal Mendu - Assistant Professor, Department of Plant & Soil Science, TTU
Host: Dr. Zhixin Xie - Texas Tech University


November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving -- No Seminar


November 28, 2018

Title: TBA
Speaker: Dr. Nathan Fuller - Texas Tech University
Host: Dr. Liam McGuire - Texas Tech University


December 5, 2018

Title: TBA
Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Tarvin - UC Berkeley
Host: Dr. Nathan Fuller - Texas Tech University


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