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How to invite a seminar speaker: info for hosts/hostesses

Last updated: Sept 2016

Please direct your potential speaker to our website to determine when we have open dates. Once your potential speaker has selected a preferred date, please contact Matt Olson (matt.olson@ttu.edu) to reserve that date. Please DO NOT have your speaker make travel plans until you have heard back from Dr. Olson.

Once a date has been set, then have the speaker immediately contact Ms. Jenny Korstian at j.korstian@ttu.edu  to make travel arrangements for your guest. She will coordinate the travel arrangements on behalf of TTUAB and the Department.

All travel plans should be made at least THREE weeks in advance. Travel is taking a bit longer than it has in the past (new regulations). Please allow for more time for arrangements to be made. If possible, travel costs should be kept under $500; airfare over that will require special permission. Barring unusual circumstances, speakers should plan to arrive on Tuesday, speak on Wednesday, and depart on Thursday. The cost of all meals for the speaker will be reimbursed, following these new guidelines.

Please direct all speakers to our Speaker FAQ page so that they may be familiar with the equipment available, the audience, and the time allotted for them to speak. Please ask your speaker for a talk title and links to their own webpage and/or CV. These will be added to the Seminar webpage so that people may obtain more information about the speaker.

Important info on reimbursement for meals: click here.

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