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Student Organization Risk Management

Risk Management Requirement

In accordance with Texas Education Code, Section 51.9361, all registered student organizations are required to watch the Risk Management training in the Student Org Leader Orientation. The training will go over the risk management topics as it relates to individuals, organization functions, and/or activities. A minimum of the president should watch the training offered. If the president is not available, another officer can watch the training, but they will be responsible for educating the officers and members on the information learned. 

Once organizations have watched the risk management training they will be required to complete the required assessment that they can find on TechConnect under FORMS on the main page. This assessment cannot be completed by someone that has not watched the training.

Social fraternities and sororities are also required to attend the Clay R. Warren Memorial Risk Management Programming annually.

Training Dates

Student Organization Risk Management Training - This training complies with the Texas Education Code 51.9361 as stated above, and organizations will be in jeopardy of being disabled if not completed by the start of the fall semester. All student organizations must watch the risk management training in the Student Org Leadr Orientation.

Student Organization Advisor Risk Management Training - Student Involvement is pleased to offer student organization advisor trainings. This training is only required for advisors once, and it complies with the Texas Education Code 51.9361 and the 2017-2018 Texas Tech Student Handbook Provision (Part V, E. Faculty or Staff Advisor, 7).

Spring 2024 ADVISORS ONLY Training Dates:

  • January 25th: 12pm-1pm (zoom)
  • February 6th: 12pm-1pm (zoom)
  • March 26th: 12pm-1pm (zoom)
  • April 18th: 12pm-1pm (zoom)

For additional questions regarding risk management training, please contact Sadhvika Nelavelli or at 806-742-5433.

Risk Management Topic Specific Presentations & One-on-One Advising Meetings

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