Texas Tech University

Student Organization's Advisor Role

The Role of the Advisor

An advisor or student may wonder why a student organization would need a faculty or staff advisor. Besides being a requirement of Texas Tech University registered student organizations, advisors provide organizations with assistance and advisement in many areas.


  • serve as a "sounding board" to listen to new ideas
  • provide an outside perspective or view
  • give honest feedback to group members for personal growth and development


  • provide support to the organization
  • help deal with organizational crises


  • intervene, when appropriate, in conflicts between group members
  • run "interference" with the university community when necessary

Historical Reference

  • be knowledgeable of university policies that may impact the organization
  • provide continuity and stability in student leaders transition


  • oversee adherence to University standards and rule
  • oversee adherence to the organizations constitution and by-laws

Co-sign Expenditures

  • must co-sign all checks or vouchers of SGA funds


  • provide the group with connections to other people and to campus resources

Responsibilities of Group Members to the Advisor


  • discuss expectations of the advisor's role with the advisor
  • notify the advisor of all meetings
  • send the advisor a copy of all minutes
  • meet regularly with the advisor to discuss organizational matters
  • relay and update information


  • consult with the advisor before any changes in the structure or policies of the organization are made and before major projects are undertaken
  • understand the advisor has no vote, but he/she has speaking privileges


  • remember that the success or failure of an organization or project rests with the group, not the advisor
  • give feedback to let them know how they may improve advisement.