Texas Tech University

Student Organization's Committees

Positive Aspects of a Committee

  • Resolve problems or plan events
  • Relieve some busy officers of some details and activities
  • Convenes easily at a convenient time to handle complex or controversial subjects
  • Provides opportunity for the individual members to participate because of the informal structure
  • Motivate members by selecting them for skill and strengths
  • Provides a superb training ground for emerging leaders

Selecting Committee Members

It is important that the committee consists of a representative group of people. Choose committee members to represent different points of view and concerns; it is best to combine a mix of new and experienced people.

Organizing a Committee

  • Consider structure and membership
  • Explain committee's purpose, limitations and jurisdiction
  • Determine time and commitment can be given
  • Choose a committee chairperson
  • Select a permanent meeting time and length
  • Create general operating procedures
  • Create an open atmosphere and positive environment to facilitate interaction
  • Ask members for their perceptions of the group's problems and needs
  • Form a plan of action

An Effective Committee Will

  • understand its purposes and effectively work toward its goals
  • have open communication among members
  • listen to both the majority and minority points of view
  • not be dominated by its leader or any group members
  • balance group productivity and satisfaction of individual needs
  • establish and use a review process for identifying its problems and its solutions