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Student Organizations

Compliance Requirements

1. Complete Student Org Leader Orientation (SOLO)

Student Org Leader Orientation is the training requirement that all student organizations must complete on an annual basis between the months of February and August. SOLO is a self-paced learning platform that includes assessments throughout each learning module. The main objective for SOLO is to provide a one-stop-shop training resource that is also more convenient for students to complete than it is for busy students to attend an in-person event. Upon completing all modules of the Student Org Leader Orientation, you will receive a certificate of completion. We ask that you please save this certificate, because it is this SOLO certificate of completion that must be uploaded to the student org re-registration template for your org's re-registration to be approved by Student Involvement. If your org's re-registration is submitted without the SOLO certificate of completion, the re-registration will not be approved.

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2. Risk Management Training & Assessment

All student organizations are required to complete risk management training and the required assessment during the school year. Risk Management training is included in the Student Org Leader Orientation. After watching the training, the student must submit a post-assessment to be fully risk management compliant. Student organizations have until the first day of fall classes to complete the risk management requirements. Organizations that have not completed the Student Org Leader Orientation and completed the assessment by January 31st will be frozen for the rest of the year. Organizations only need one officer (preferably president) to complete the student organization training.

For more information about our Risk Management trainings, click here.

To see if your organization has completed the Risk Management requirement, click here.

3. Registration

Every school year student organizations are required to renew their registration through Student Involvement. Registration for the school year is open on February 1st when the Student Org Leader Orientation opens. The final deadline is the first day of classes for the fall semester to avoid being frozen for the year. Organizations that are frozen will no longer be identified as a student organization on campus and will lose all student organization benefits.

For information about organization Constitution & Bylaws.

Frozen/Inactive Organizations

Reinstatement Request - If you fail to re-register your current organization by the first day of school in August or your organization did not complete the annual risk management requirement, your TechConnect Profile will be frozen. Please request reinstatement for your organization to move forward with registration by emailing studentorgs@ttu.edu.

Registration Confirmation Letter

Request an Official Registration Confirmation Letter - an official letter on behalf of Student Involvement can be provided upon request. Letters can be picked up in person at Student Life, 203 Student Union Building.

How to Register Your Org - Video

Registration 2023-2024 Instructions

Advisor Agreement Form

4. TechConnect Roster Updates

Student organizations have ten (10) university working days to update their organization roster on TechConnect with member, officer or advisor changes. Changes to the President, Treasurer, or Faculty/Staff Advisor should be reflected in the student organization roster on TechConnect. Failure to update your TechConnect roster will result in communication being sent to the wrong officer and potential loss of organization benefits. It is the organization's responsibility to make these changes regularly.

To visit your organization's page on TechConnect, click here.

To learn how to manage your organization's roster, click here

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