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Starting a New Student Organization

All of the requirements for starting a new student organization at Texas Tech are in the Student Handbook. The 2022-2023 Student Organization requirements can be found in Part II, Community Policies, Section N. Student Organizations, pp. 128-135.

A Registered Student Organization is defined as a group (president, treasurer, and a minimum of three members, excluding officers) comprised of at least five students enrolled at Texas Tech University who voluntarily come together under a common purpose. The purposes and activities of the organization shall be lawful and not in conflict with the policies, rules, regulations, and standards of the University and/or federal, state and/or local statutes.

Interested in starting a new organization at Texas Tech? The first step is to fill out an Intent to Form Request on TechConnect.

Intent to Form Request

Conditions for Registration of New Student Organizations

The Basics

  • A minimum of five students are required to start a new student organization.
    • A President and Treasurer are the only two officers that need to be identified.
  • All organizations must have a full time faculty/staff advisor. The faculty/staff advisor must be a Texas Tech employee.
  • New student organizations cannot duplicate the purposes and functions of a previously or currently registered student organization. Check if your organization is unique by using the Student Org Search Engine at TechConnect.
  • A student organization is eligible for registration if it does not deny membership on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identify, or gender expression
    • Exceptions:
      • Religious organizations may restrict the right to vote or hold office to persons who subscribe to the organization's religious beliefs.
      • Social fraternities and sororities must show proof of their Title IX exemption, generally with a 501 (c) 7 Internal Revenue Status.

Names and Logos of the Student Organization

  • The student organization name cannot include "Red Raiders," "TTU" or "Texas Tech" in the official name. However, "Raiders" and "Tech" can be used in the official name.
  • Student organizations wishing to use Texas Tech logos must receive approval from the Director of Licensing.
    • For more information about licensing and approved vendors, click here.


  • New student organizations will need to create a constitution/bylaws.
    • The constitution will outline the organization's structure, clarify the organization's purpose, and help members understand how the organization functions.
    • The bylaws will outline the rules of the student organization, and how it functions. They set forth detailed procedures for the operation of the organization.
    • For more information about Constitution and By-laws, click here.

The Process of Starting a New Student Organization

  1. Fill out the Intent to Form Request on TechConnect.
  2. Attend an Intent to Form training with a Student Involvement Staff member in Student Life. Once your form is submitted from Step 1, please visit the Events tab on TechConnect to RSVP for an Intent to Form training. During this training, the staff will go over all of the requirements for starting a new organization, resources, and funding opportunities.
    • Upon approval, staff may grant the new student organization a temporary 30-day status that allows non-registered student organizations access to the privileges of being a registered student organization.
  3. New student organizations will need to complete Registration on TechConnect. The following are just some of the items that need to be included:
    • Names and contact information for the President, Treasurer, and three general members or officers.
    • Name and contact information for the student organization faculty or staff advisor.
    • Upload the most recent copy of the Constitution and/or Bylaws.
    • Upload the Advisor Agreement Form which includes the signatures from the faculty/staff advisor. Organizations are supposed to meet with the advisor to get the signature. Electronic signatures are currently being accepted.
  4. After submitting the online registration, the Student Involvement Staff will review the registration to make sure it complies with Texas Tech Policies and Procedures. Staff may contact the student organization to submit corrections to the registration for approval to be granted in some cases.

Annual Requirements

  • Registration - Every school year student organizations are required to renew their registration through Student Involvement. Typically, registration for the school year is opened around March and the student organizations have until May 1st and ultimately the first day of classes for the fall semester to complete the registration. Failure to do so may result in the loss of student organization benefits.
  • Risk Management Training - All student organizations are required to attend risk management training during the school year. Risk Management trainings for the next school year start in March, and the student organization has until the end of December to complete the risk management training. Organizations only need to send one officer to the student organization trainings (preferably the President).
  • Student Org Leader Orientation (SOLO)- This program is an online platform that opens every spring semester to begin the coming year's registration process. Student Organizations have from March 1st to the first day of Fall classes to complete the training modules. It is a requirement that every organization has one officer complete the training modules and recieve a certificate to upload at the end of their registration. 

Changes to Faculty/Staff Advisor, Officers (President and Treasurer) & Constitution and/or Bylaws

  • Student organizations have ten (10) university working days to update their organization roster with any officer or advisor changes.
  • Changes to the President,  Treasurer, or Faculty/Staff Advisor should be reflected in the student organization roster on TechConnect. Failure to update your TechConnect roster will result in communication being sent to the wrong officer. It is the organization's responsibility to make these changes.