Texas Tech University

Student Organization's Use of the Ticket Booth

Student Union Ticket Booth

Registered student organizations can use the Student Union Ticket Booth to distribute free tickets for events at no charge. Tickets will also be sold though Select-A-Seat.

Check-In Procedure (Must be completed two weeks prior to event)

  • Contracts must be completed and signed
  • Tickets checked in and audited by Ticket Booth Manager
  • Submit an information sheet with ticket request which includes:
    1. Name of organization
    2. Contact person's name, address and phone number
    3. Name of event
    4. Type of event
    5. Date of event
    6. Time of event
    7. Place and a seating chart if not held in the Allen Theatre
    8. Date tickets should go on sale
    9. Cost of tickets
    10. Length of performance
    11. Brief description of event
    12. List of any ticket pulls

Ticket Specifics

  • Ticket numbers and prices must appear on the main body of the ticket and audit stub.
  • Tickets MUST have have an audit stub.
  • Tickets should be consecutively numbered for general seating and numbered appropriately for reserved seating events.
  • Tickets may be placed on sale two weeks prior to the event(s).

Ticket Printing/Ticket Company:

Most printing companies can print tickets for you, and some office supply stores carry preprinted tickets. Contact several places before making a purchase to receive the best price. Ticket numbers and prices must appear on the main body of the ticket and the audit stub.

Student Union Ticket Booth:

A Student Organization can have the Student Union Ticket Booth print and sell tickets for an event they are having at a charge of $0.10 per ticket. Tickets can go on sale two weeks prior to the event; however, two additional weeks are necessary before the first day of ticket sales in order for the information to be in in put onto the computer system. A 3% charge is applied to the organization for tickets bought on a credit card.

Close-Out Procedures

  • All monies are deposited into the Student Union Account on a daily basis.
  • The day of the performance at 4:30 p.m. a preliminary account of your sales is available.
  • The Student Union does not provide a ticket booth assistant for the evening of the performance when the event is held in a venue outside of the Student Union.