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Student Organization's Use of University's Name/Symbols


The Athletic Department Director of Digital Media, Trademark Licensing, and Special Projects regulates, promotes, and protects the use of the University's name and identifying marks, both on-and off-campus. This includes granting approval for use of the many trademarks of the University, such as the Double T, the University Seal, the Masked Rider with Double T, the Shadowed Face of the Masked Rider, and the words Texas Tech University, Texas Tech, Red Raiders, and Lady Raiders. All trademarks associated with Texas Tech University are registered with the State of Texas and are the exclusive property of Texas Tech University. Reproduction of these marks for resale or other commercial purposes must have authorization from the Director of Digital Media, Trademark Licensing, and Special Projects, 806-834-3075.

What is Commercial Use?

Items for resale: Selling products, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, cups, hats, etc., bearing Texas Tech trademarks for all of the following purposes constitutes commercial use:

  • sales to campus and private retailers (including registered student organizations)
  • sales to individual customers
  • sales at Texas Tech sporting events concessions
  • sales on campus by registered student organizations
  • sales for fundraising projects by registered student organizations
  • sales to registered student organizations for the purpose of promoting their organization

Promotional use: Items which bear the trademarks of the University which are either sold or given away are promotional and considered commercial.

What Activities Require Approval?

Use of trademarks: With approval, registered student organizations and university departments may use Texas Tech trademarks for "in-house" purposes, such as stationery, signs, banners, brochures, business cards, dealing with the on-campus activities of the organization. Such use must reflect positively on the university, and logos must be reproduced accurately.

Sales restricted to campus organizations/departments: With approval, registered student organizations and university departments may sell or give away products bearing the Texas Tech trademarks combined with names and logos of their organization, if such merchandise relates directly to an on-campus activity sponsored by that organization/department. These items must be unique and cannot compete with products and artwork available in the retail market.

How To Get Approval

The Director of Trademark Licensing must grant approval to all outside vendors using the Texas Tech trademarks, even if they are producing it for a Texas Tech affiliated group. If an organization/department is involved in any of the activities deemed to be commercial, the vendor from where merchandise is purchased must be licensed. A list of local screen printers and embroiderers who are licensed by the university and authorized to produce merchandise for an organization/department is maintained by the Licensing Coordinator. If a project falls into the exempt category, a waiver must be issued to the vendor producing the product to authorize use of the trademarks on behalf of the organization/department.

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