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Masked Rider Statue

Just what is the price tag for the 58-year old Masked Rider Tradition? Techsans across the state and nation agree that it is priceless. However, the newest addition to the Masked Rider history did not come without a charge.

When the idea of the newest Masked Rider statue came about, the work that had to be done before it became a reality was second on the list of priorities. The first priority and most important was to preserve the history of the Masked Rider, Tech's best tradition.

As with most dealings with the Masked Rider, people were willing to step forward with their time, ideas, talent and even more money to build the monument.

The Masked Rider tradition is the best and strongest one on campus, the new Masked Rider statue was created to preserve a special part of that tradition.

The idea started years ago as a way to honor the former Masked Riders and their mounts. The Frazier Alumni Pavilion served as the ideal location. Today, it is believed that the statue will be the most photographed place on campus.

The statue is 1 ¼ size bronze set on top of a sandstone base. Surrounding the statue are bricks with Former Masked Riders' names engraved along with the mounts and the year they rode.

The statue was dedicated on September 9, 2000. Grand Speed of Linden, Utah sculpted the $300,000 statue.

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