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Appearance Types and Charges

Charges are applicable per group being requested on the form. For example, if only cheer/pom is selected, only one charge will be required. However, if cheer/pom is requested AND a mascot is requested, the charge will be doubled to accommodate both requests if both are approved.

Corporate/Business Events: $250 per 30 minutes 15 minutes on game days
Personal Events: $200 per 30 minutes 15 minutes on game days
Non-Profit Organizations: $75 per 30 minutes 15 minutes on game days
TTU Departments/Organizations: $100 per 30 minutes 15 minutes on game days
K-12 Schools: $50 per 30 minutes 15 minutes on game days

Each approved appearance will include a visit by a group no fewer than 2-4 cheerleaders/pom and/or a mascot with chants, cheers, and photo opportunities.


Spirit Program Appearance Request Policies

All monies collected for each appearance will directly support the TTU Spirit Program. To request an appearance, read each of the following appearance policies and fill out the appearance request form.

  • Please complete and submit the request online form a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to your event.
  • Any request received fewer than three (3) weeks prior to your event or more than three (3) months prior to your event may not be granted.
  • All events must be requested via the form and must be specific. No requests will be accepted by phone, email, personal request or otherwise - no exceptions.
  • If your appearance is confirmed, payments must be received IN FULL a minimum of 1 week prior to confirmed appearance. Appearances are NOT considered fully confirmed until the payment is received. Payment link will be sent to you after squad(s) reviewed and provides confirmation.
  • Events requested on home football game days must be on campus. Appearances on game days will not be made within two hours of official kickoff time.
  • If the appearance request is approved and is more than 20 miles from campus (using the TTU Student Union Building as the departure point) a mileage charge of $0.50 per mile for the entire round trip will be added to the invoice.
  • If your request is approved, you will receive an invoice for the appearance. Campus organizations may pay internally; otherwise, payment should be made online.
  • There is no refund for cancellations with fewer than 48 hours' notice.
  • Raider Red appearances must have a private changing room/area away from guests and a place where he can store his belongings.
  • Raider Red will arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time to get changed into costume.
  • Please note that outdoor events may require that Raider Red take a 10-minute break every 30 minutes.
  • Team members will be prepared based upon the details that are provided on the online request form. Please be very clear about your expectations of the team's role at your event.
  • If alcohol is being served while our team is at your event, team members must be stationed away from the area where it is being served. Also, please note that if guests become rowdy or inappropriate, these students are instructed to leave immediately, and no refund will be provided. This includes tailgate and game-day appearances.
  • To avoid conflict with existing University contracts and commitments, you must agree to take all necessary steps to ensure that neither the Spirit Program/ Raider Red nor the University appear to directly support, endorse, or sponsor the event organizer or any of its direct sponsors.
  • You may expect 2-4 cheerleaders/pom at an event if requesting cheer/pm. Special considerations may be possible for larger events.
  • If applicable, all parking expenses must be covered for the event or free parking spots provided.
  • Events requested during final exams will not be granted - no exceptions. Also, events requested during major holidays (i.e., Christmas, New Year's Eve, 4th of July, Labor Day...) or when the University is not in session may not be granted, depending on availability.
  • Events requested during weekdays while our student athletes are in class are likely to not be granted due to limited availability and their priority as a student first. As a rule, our student athletes will not be asked to skip class for an appearance.
  • Preference is given first and foremost to home athletic events and availability will be strictly limited during those times. Please keep this in mind when requesting an appearance and consult first with the schedules of teams that are in their competition season.
  • Appearance charges support the Spirit Program's account and are consistent with peer institutions in the Big 12 Conference and programs from around the country.



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