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Frequently Asked Questions :: Cheer Tryouts

Question: Do you offer scholarships for all squad members?

Answer: Yes, squad members (both CoEd & All-Girl) meeting requirements will receive up to a $1000 leadership scholarship. This scholarship is awarded in two payments, $500 per semester. Requirements include, but are not limited to meeting GPA standards, being enrolled as full time student, and attending games, practices, and appearances. For out of state students, this scholarship award package waives your out-of-state tuition fee. Additional scholarship opportunities are given throughout year.

At the conclusion of the tryout process, the coach may take additional, non-scholarship members. These members get the same cheering opportunities minus the financial support. These positions are not guaranteed each year. 

Question: Where are Tryouts Held?

Answer: Tryouts are held in the Student Rec Center. (3219 Main Street) 

Question: Who can tryout for Tech Cheer?

Answer: Any current Texas Tech student meeting tryout requirements is eligible to tryout. Incoming Freshman and Transfer students are welcome to tryout as well, as long as they have been admitted to TTU. Graduate students are welcome to tryout as long as they are enrolled in at least 9 credit course hours.

Students who are accepted into the Summer Gateway Program are allowed to tryout, but will not be able to fully participate until Summer Gateway Program requirements have been met and they are enrolled at TTU.

Question: Does the Program Compete at Nationals?

Answer: Yes, the Tech Co-Ed Cheer Squad have the opportunity to compete at the NCA Collegiate Cheer & Dance Championship. Competing at nationals is contingent on squad members fundraising and success at summer cheer camp. The final decision if the squad competes and who will be in the routine will be decided on by the head coach.

The All-Girl Squad will have opportunity to compete in STUNT

Question: About how many people tryout each year?

Answer: Typically, approximately 75 females attend All-Girl tryout, 45 females and 30 males attend CoEd tryouts.

Question: Are Tryout sessions open to the Public?

Answer: No. Tryout sessions are closed to all the general public. Participants will check in each day of tryouts. The only portion of the tryouts open to the public is the optional open gym practice held the Friday before tryouts.

Question: What type of Cheer Squad?

Answer: Tech Cheer has two cheer squads: All-Girl and Co-Ed Cheer.

The All-Girl Cheer squad will be comprised of talented female cheerleaders. The Co-Ed Cheer squad is comprised of male and female cheerleaders.

Female cheerleaders trying out must chose which squad they would like to cheer on. Tryouts happen at same time, therefore, unable to tryout for both. At the end of tryouts, the Coach has the right to offer position on other squad, but this is not a guarantee. 

Question: Is there a Height and Weight Requirement?

Answer: No. We do not have a certain weight and/or height requirement for squad members. We do ask that all members maintain the appropriate physique and are able to participate in all activities throughout the entire year. Physical fitness assessment may be taken at tryouts and factored into scores/final selection.

Question: Who Coaches the Cheerleaders?

Answer: Bruce Bills, serves as the Head Cheer & Mascot Coach. This is Bills' 9th year as head coach, but his 17th year with the Tech Spirit Program. Bills coaches both the Co-Ed Cheer & All-Girl Squads. Stephanie Rhode serves as the Spirit Program Director, overseeing the administrative matters both cheer squads, pom/dance squad, and mascots.

Question: What are Practices like and schedule?

Answer: Practices are held three days a week for approximately 2 - 2.5 hours throughout the Fall semester and three to four days a week during the Spring semester. In addition to these scheduled practices, the squad practices two weeks during the summer months, and holiday breaks can be shortened for additional practices as needed. Cheerleaders are also required to attend weekly Strength & Conditioning workouts. Practice schedules vary and are determined by the Head Coach. 

Question: What are additional benefits for being a Texas Tech Cheerleader?

Answer: In addition to the scholarship awarded, all uniform and accessories are paid for by the University. We cover out-of-town game travel costs and provide academic tutoring services as well. An on-campus meal plan is also available to squad members. More benefits.

Cheerleaders may be asked to help fundraise for the national competition.

Question: What department is the Spirit Program under?

Answer: The Tech Spirit Program is a part of the Center for Campus Life a division of Student Affairs.

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Cheer Program Benefits

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Out of State Tuition Waiver
  • Uniform & Accessories Paid
  • Paid Travel Expenses for out of town games
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Meal Plan
  • Athletic Trainer & Team Doctor
  • Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Tanning & Skin Care Sponsor
  • National Competition
  • Cheer for a Big 12 Conference School
  • Supportive Alumni

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