Texas Tech University

Cheer Tryouts


  1. Preliminary Round: Submit Qualifying Skills Video by deadline
    1. Complete Tryout Application (we are working to fix a technical issue on appliation)
    2. Due by Friday, April 19, 2024; 5:00 PM, CST
    3. Email bruce.bills@ttu.edu a YouTube link (do not attached video in email)
    4. Submit ($45) Tryout Application Fee (payment link will be available March 1)
  2. Semi-Final Tryouts: Receive Invitation to attend Live/In-Person Tryouts.
    1. Invitations will be sent out by April 26, 2024.
    2. Communication will be sent to email provided on application. Please ensure it is correct and to the student.
      (Sometimes emails from system goes to Junk Inbox.)
  3. Final Tryout Selections: Live/in-person for Finalists only who advance from Semi-Finals
    1. Invitation Only
    2. May 10-12, 2024
      1. May 10: 6:00-9:00 PM - Finalists Only - Tryout Practice
      2. May 11-12: Semi-Finals & Final Rounds, in-person; finalists only.
      3. Live Tryout Selection Process is closed to public. 
    3. Please note, this is same weekend as TTU's commencement ceremonies; therefore, we suggest booking hotel arrangements soon and make adjustments as needed.


Pre-Tryout To Dos:

  • INCOMING NEW STUDENTS (incoming first year/transfer students):
    • Apply for Admissions
      • First Year Students
      • Transfer Students 
      • Graduate Students
      • TTU Health Sciences Center students are unable to participate in tryout selection process. This restriction is only for upper-level/graduate students. Undergraduate health career path students ARE eligible to cheer since you are under Texas Tech University first. 
  • Deadlines & Tryout Dates 
    • Complete Tryout Applications
    • Friday, April 19 by 5:00 PM CST: Qualifying Videos Due
    • Friday, April 26, 2024: In-Person/Semi-Final Tryouts Invitations sent out
    • May 10-12, 2024: In-Person/Semi-Final & Final Selections (by invitations only)
    • Watch social media (Instagram & Twitter: @ttucheer / @texastechcheer on Facebook) for deadlines and updates.

Qualifying Video Tryout Format/Overview:

      • Must be newly filmed; little to no distractions in video.
      • See Interview Section below.
      • Full body view then zoom into waist-up with clear face visible while speaking.
      • Attire: black workout/cheer practice attire
        • Males: black shirt, black athletic shorts; facial hair trimmed/shaved, hair combed, no jewelry.
        • Females: fitted black athletic top or sports bra, black spandex shorts; hair curled 1/2 up with white bow, no jewelry. 
    • GAMEDAY:
      • Gameday material video link posted by March 1. 
      • Little to no distractions around while videoing. Important for us to to able to see motions and hear volume in voice. 
      • Same attire as interview.
      • Newly filmed material preferred - abiding by/with USA Cheer Safety rules (spotters, surface, etc.)
      • Tumbling skills need to be (highly preferred) filmed on dead-mat.
        • Limit skills submitted being filmed on spring floor.
        • Any skill on spring floor will be asked to do on dead-mat.
      • CoEd Females must be top position in stunts (flying on one male base or combinate male/female small coed group stunt).
      • CoEd Males must be the base position lifting female.
        • CoEd Males are preferred to showcase lifting one female (traditional collegiate coed stunting). 
        • CoEd Males may showcase Small-CoEd style stunt groups with one to two other female bases.
      • All-Girl candidates can be flyer or base. Clearly identify which position you are wanting to highlight and be evaluated on. If multiple positions, make sure we see whole stunt in that skill position. Does not have to be filmed from front view (example, if back base, we need to see you throughout stunt).
      • If in a group/team setting, clear documentation must be submitted with video outlining the candidates position at the opening and throughout the evaluation portion. Multiple videos of variety of skills are encouraged.
      • See Preferred Skills below to consider including in your video collection.

>> Personal Interview Section:

    • Please speak about each of the following bullets.
    • Make sure we can hear & see you throughout this portion of the video.
    • Wear correct attire.
    • Show full body then zoom-in to waist-up with clear face visual while speaking.
    • Collegiate image and responses will be evaluated.
    • Questions and details to answer:


    • Introduction of Candidate:
      • Name, age, hometown, which squad you're trying out for (CoEd/All-Girl)
    • Cheer Background:
      • Experience, school/all-star gym name, number of years involved in cheer.
      • Indicate level(s) of squad/team(s) (examples: JV, Varsity, Senior Open Large CoEd L6, etc.)
    • Questions to Answer:
      • Why do you want to be a member of the Texas Tech Cheer Program?
      • If selected, what characteristics, traits, cheer strengths, etc. do you feel you would bring to the squad?
      • Which one-word would your most recent coach describe you as that best fits your personality/work ethic/cheerleader abilities?
      • Any additional details you wish to share.
        • Things to consider including: major injuries, major issues within a current/previous team, any hardships that might need to be known, etc. 

>> Gameday Section:

      • In correct tryout attire, perform the following gameday material as taught via video we send once your tryout application is complete. 
      • Front view (you facing camera)
      • Collegiate image, endurance, motion technique, memory, and general gameday appearance/energy will be evaluated. 
      • Gameday Material posted by March 1, 2024.

>> Cheer Skills:

Recommended or preferred skills to have in your video collection:

Standing Tumbling:

      • *REQUIRED SKILL: Standing Back Tuck, on dead-mat, grass, or rubberized track
      • Standing Full (if you have skill)
      • Three (3) connected jumps (variety of jumps preferred)
      • Toe-Touch Back Tuck or Toe-Touch Full
      • Additional Standing Tumbling Passes (max of 3 additional passes, if you choose to include)
        • Examples, not limited to: BHS-Back Tuck, 2BHS-Full, 2BHS-Whip-Full, Jumps to elite tumbling, etc.
        • Execution and difficulty level will be evaluated.
        • Please note any skill on spring floor MUST be executed on dead-mat, when given opportunity. If you can't do skill on dead mat, please do not include spring floor version. 

Running Tumbling:

      • Running Tumbling Passes. 2-3 passes suggested. 
        • At your best tumbling level
        • Showcase variety of skills/passes.
        • Execution and difficulty level will be evaluated.
        • Please note any skill on spring floor MUST be executed on dead-mat, when given opportunity. If you can't do skill on dead mat, please do not include spring floor version.


Please abide by all USA Cheer collegiate stunting safety guidelines.

      • Co-Ed Stunts:
        • Female - Flyers; Males - Bases
        • Males: Large CoEd & Small CoEd stunt groups allowed.
          • Each male base needs to show at least one stunt with traditional large coed stunt style (one male lifting one female.)
        • Extended Toss to Lib or Stretch with pop-off
          • Options to consider: Straight up Toss, Full-Up, or Ball-Up
          • Straight pop-off or 360-down/cork screw
        • Extended Toss to Stretch with Double Down dismount
          • Optional toss entry into extended level
          • Double Down Dismount (have spotters available; correct surface restrictions must be followed)
        • Elite Entries, if able, to extended stunts 
          • Options to consider: rewinds, front/back-handspring up, cartwheel up, etc. Stunt series is encouraged with multiple skills connected.
          • Female candidates evaluated on body positions, ease of stunt, collegiate image, stunt difficulty & execution
          • Male candidates evaluated on strength, technique, collegiate image, stunt difficulty & execution
      • All-Girl & Small-CoEd Squad Candidates:
        • Identify which position(s) you are showing before each stunt.
        • Can show multiple positions per stunt skill.
        • New for 2024-2025, Small CoEd stunt groups may be submitted. 
          (Two Person Base & Four Person Group Stunts)
        • If able to showcase collegiate two-person based stunt group
          • Main base and one side base lifting flyer
          • Toss or Hands/Prep-Level press to Extension, Lib, or Awesome; pop-off dismount
          • Toss/Straight-Up to Extension, Lib, or Awesome; pop-off dismount
          • Practice safe spotting and correct surface restrictions when stunting.
        • Three-Person Based All-Girl/Small-CoEd stunt group:
          • Main base, Side base, Back spot lifting flyer
          • Preferred at least Full-Up entry into Stretch/Arabesque with Double Down
          • Additional stunts to highlight your position in group. Elite entries to consider:
            Versions of: rewind, back handspring up, cartwheel up, front handspring up, double ups, high-high full-around
          • Bases: looking at technique, strength in stunts/dismounts
          • Flyers: looking at technique, flexibility, body positions, ease of stunt

Qualifying Tryout Video Notes

      • Wear the correct attire if filming new video clips.
      • New video with skills above is highly recommended. If needing to submit video(s) from previous practices, competitions, or games please provide documentation of which person you are and what skill you execute. Make sure you can visibly be seen throughout section you want evaluated. 
        • Preferred to narrow down best skills into an organized video collection with sections detailed above.
      • Do your hair and make-up as if you were trying out in-person.
      • Please do not edit/cut then splice skills together. You may stop filming after each completed tumbling pass or stunt.  
      • Make sure the angles and lighting show us the best view of you, your performance, and the execution of skills.

Tryout Timeline & Important Dates

Preliminary/Qualifying videos are due by Friday, April 19, 2024 at 5:00 PM CST.
Finalists will be notified by Friday, April 26. Communication will be sent to email provided on application.
*Please ensure this is spelled and typed correctly.


Semi-Final & Final Tryout Rounds

  • By invitation only - sent to candidates who meet video requirements.
  • Live in-person tryout selection process is closed to public.
  • Seletion process is combination of a scoring/point system in addition to athlete's potential, current squad needs, athlete's background/character review, and coach's discretion. Coaches have final say. 
  • Tumbling & Stunting skills will be evaluated.
    • Skills can be repeated from qualifying video.
    • Stunt Partners/Groups will be by athlete choice & coach's groupings.
    • Cuts may be made after semi-final rounds and finals.


General Information

  • Review Program Expectations
  • COED: Up to potentially 30 scholarship positions; potentially 3-4 additional non-scholarship positions offered.
  • Typically our LARGE COED squad consists of 12-14 females; 16-20 males
  • ALL-GIRL & SMALL-COED: Up to potentially 21 scholarship positions.
  • Coach has final call on squad sizes and make up of both squads (Large CoEd, Small CoEd, and/or All-Girl).
  • Tryout selection is a process. We evaluate many different factors to comprise our best squads. Questioning the final tryout selections will not be discussed, especially with parents. Questions about the tryout process will be explained as best as we can. Please follow steps outlined above. 
  • Follow Cheer's Social Media for updates

Planning Ahead...

Updates will be given to new squad members.

          • CoEd Summer Camp: July 2024
          • All-Girl/Small-CoEd Summer Camp: August 2024
          • Full Cheer Report/Move In: August 14, 2024

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