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Pom Squad Auditions


Due to the COVID-19 Virus, we will be adjusting our audition process for the 2020-2021 season. We will be moving to an audition/recruitment hybrid model detailed in the illustration below. No matter the circumstance, all candidates must complete the online application form by no later than April 6th. Dancers who receive an invitation to be a member of our team will be informed via e-mail, with rookie invitations being sent first, followed by veteran invitations. If offered a position on the 2020-2021 Texas Tech Pom Squad, all rookie candidates will have to be admitted to Texas Tech, or have begun the admissions process BEFORE they will be officially accepted onto the team.
All audition fees for the 2020-2021 season will be waived for all candidates.

The Texas Tech Pom Squad is comprised of elite level and talented dancers.

The Pom Squad performs at all football games and men's home basketball games. In addition, the Pom Squad has the opportunity to travel to post season football bowl games, Big 12 tournament basketball games, and NCAA/NIT basketball tournament games. The squad also represents Texas Tech at many university and community events throughout the year. The Pom Squad will also have opportunity to represent Texas Tech at NDA College Nationals.


Texas Tech Pom Squad

2020-2021 Auditions Updated

April 6th: All applications must be submitted online.
April 6th: Non-Video Bypass video submissions & letter of intent must be submitted
April 13th: Current Squad Members self evaluation & letter of intent must be submitted 
April 13th: Video Bypass Recipients video links & letter of intent must be submitted
April 15-17th: Offer Letters & Regret Letters will be sent to all rookie candidates
April 18-25th: Offer Letters & Regret Letters will be sent to all veteran candidates
April 25th: Rookie Offer Letters must be signed & returned by no later than April 25th
April 27th: Veteran Offer Letters must be signed & returned by no later than April 27th
May 1st: 2020-2021 Texas Tech Pom Squad is officially announced to public

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 General Audition Requirements

  • Freshmen/Transfer Students - Accepted to TTU for Fall 2020
    • If you haven't been fully accepted, yet, you may still audition.
    • Students may participate in Summer Gateway.
  • Current TTU students:
    • Enrolled full time (Undergraduate: 12 hours, Graduate: 9 hours)
    • Cumulative & Current GPA of 2.0 or above
  • No Application Fee.
  • Extensive Studio/Dance Training is a prerequisite.
  • One Letter of Intent stating why you want to be a part of the Texas Tech Pom Squad & what you feel you bring to our team.
  • Two dance specific references for evaluation purposes (submitted with online application).
  • Not allowed to participate in Fall Greek Recruitment. (Schedule Conflicts).


Audition Attire 

(suggested, but not required)

  • Black Hot Shorts
  • Solid Black Sports Bra
    (small logos are acceptable, no embellishments)
  • No Embellishments on top or bottoms allowed
  • Hair Down and Fixed
    (Bangs do NOT need to be pulled back)
  • Full Performance Make-Up
    (this includes a nice shade of Red Lipstick and lip liner)
  • Jazz Shoes
    (can not dance bare foot, color of shoe does not matter)
  • Nail Polish should be clear, French or American manicured
  • No Jewelry allowed, except for rhinestone earrings

Types of Candidates:

Non-Video Bypass: These are candidates that either did not attend our 2019 Summer Intensive, Fall 2019 clinics, or Spring 2020 clinic. These are also candidates who did not receive a video bypass during the 2019-2020 school year. For video requirements, see below. Video submission & letter of intent can be e-mailed to erin.harold@ttu.edu.

Current Squad Member: These are candidates who were members of the 2019-2020 Texas Tech Pom Squad. Current squad members will receive a self evaluation link once application has been submitted. Self evaluations & letter of intent can be e-mailed to erin.harold@ttu.edu.

Video Bypass: These are candidates who received a video bypass certificate at one of our 2019-2020 Clinics OR 2019 Summer Intensive. Video bypass videos may be submitted by YouTube link or e-mail. Videos can be pre-recorded solo videos or combinations, but must only include the audition candidate. These videos can be from a competition, but can also be filmed in studio. Videos & letter of intent can be e-mailed to erin.harold@ttu.edu.


Non-Video Bypass Candidates:

  • Quad Pirouette: Parallel pass√© & must be to the right.
  • A la seconde Turns: Minimum 2 eight-count turn combination of your choice & must be to the right.
  • Leg Turn: Can be front, side, or back & on either side
  • Center Leap: You may prep however you'd like. This can be on either side.
  • Calypsos: You will need to prep with at least one chaines turn before this leap. This must be to the right.
  • Toe Touch
  • Switch Variation: May choose any type of switch leap & can be performed on either side. (Ex. Switch-Tilt, Switch-Reverse-Jete, Switch-Leap, Switch-Center, Etc.)
  • Leg Extension: Should show optimal flexibility. Can be performed on either leg. (Ex. Penche, Tilt Extension, Side Extension, Back Extension, etc.)
  • Hip Hop Skill: Must show strength, control, and/or flexibility. Scored on execution & degree of difficulty. (i.e. headstand, kip up, headspring, rubber band, hopping handstand, etc.)
  • Side Aerial: Can be on either side.
  • Right, Left, Center Splits
  • 60 second solo-Any Genre


Email your video link to: erin.harold@ttu.edu



Erin Harold-Alvarado
Pom Squad Coach


2020-2021 Audition Information
Video Auditions / No Live Auditions

Monday, April 6:
By 5:00 PM CST
Non-Video Bypass Videos Due
Audition Application Closes

Monday, April 13:
Current Squad Self Evaluations Due
Video Bypass Videos & Letter of Intent Due

April 15-17:
Offer Letters & Regret Letters sent to Rookie Candidates

April 18-25:
Offer Letters & Regret Letters sent to Veteran Candidates

April 25:
Deadline for Rookie Offer Letters 

April 27:
Deadline for Veteran Offer Letters 

May 1:
Announcement of 2020-2021 Squad


Audition Information

Audition Application has closed.

Program's Expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

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Erin Harold-Alvarado
Pom Squad Coach

Plan Ahead

Dates are contingent on "all-clear" and activities resume.

The dates below are mandatory. Should an on-campus audition invitation be extended, any conflicts for the key dates listed below MUST be discussed prior to the audition via email.


  • June Camp (in Lubbock): June 11-14
  • July Practice (in Lubbock): TBA
  • Summer Dance Camp: TBA
  • August Practices & Nationals Choreography: August 12-23 (tentative) 


  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: 6:00-9:00 PM
  • Sundays: 4:00-8:00 PM
  • 2-3 Mandatory Workouts, 6:00 AM
  • Saturday Rehearsals when necessary
  • Shortened Thanksgiving Break
  • Shortened Winter/Semester Break


  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: 6:00-8:00 PM
  • Sundays: 4:00-6:00 PM
  • 2-3 Mandatory Workouts, 6:00 AM

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Pom Squad Program Benefits

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • National Competition
  • Uniform & Accessories Paid
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Meal Plan
  • Athletic Trainer & Team Doctor
  • Dance for a Big 12 Conference School
  • Tanning & Skin Care Services
  • Eye Lash Extension Services
  • Nail Salon Services 
  • Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Supportive Alumni
  • Additional Benefits >>

Texas Tech Spirit Program