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Prospective Member, 
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Texas Tech Pom Squad, the official dance team of Texas Tech University! We are a part of the Texas Tech Spirit Program, which also consists of the Co-Ed Cheerleading Squad, All-Girl Cheerleading Squad, Raider Red, and the Masked Rider.  Our team serves as ambassadors for Texas Tech University and helps promote spirit at several athletic events.  Our team members will also compete at the UDA Collegiate Championships in 2025. 
We are looking for confident, talented, humble, dedicated, and passionate dancers to be a part of our 2025-2026 team. Squad members are responsible for representing Texas Tech in the classroom, on the court/field, and on stage at the national level.  Being a member of our team comes with several exciting opportunities and benefits but is also a major commitment.  Please review the materials and requirements thoroughly.  
We are in our second year operating with a recruiting-based model for the team selection process. Please read the information below to understand how the process works.  If you are serious about attending Texas Tech University, you must fill out the recruitment form to be considered.  If you have any additional questions, please e-mail our Head Coach, Erin Alvarado at erin.harold@ttu.edu. 
This is a life-changing opportunity, and we are excited about the possibility of having you in our program.  We are excited to learn more about you and watch you dance! 
Wreck ‘Em, 
Erin Alvarado
Head Coach, Texas Tech Pom Squad 

Recruitment Process:

  • Step 1: 
    Class of 2025, Complete the Recruitment Form & Submit Videos (Video Requirements Below) 
  • Step 2: 
    Work with us in person!  This can include a campus tour or a clinic/recruiting event. Click here for more information on our camps and clinic dates: 
  • Step 3: 
    Follow us on social media & stay up-to-date with our team! 
    Instagram: @TTUPom 
    Twitter: @TTUPom 
    Facebook: @TexasTechPomSquad 


  • Sophomore Year of High School: Prospective candidate emails coaching staff expressing interest in the program. Attendance at clinics & training camps are strongly recommended. 
  • Junior Year of High School: Prospective candidate fills out Potential Recruit Interest Form in order for Coaching Staff to begin the assessment process. 
  • June 1 Entering Senior Year - September 1 of Senior Year: Complete the Recruitment Form & secure requirements. Attendance at clinics is strongly recommended. 
  • Senior Year, Fall (or Fall for current college students): Apply to Texas Tech University
  • September 1-December 2024 – Coaching Staff Evaluation Period 
  • November 1-End of December: Coaching Staff extends offers for positions on the Texas Tech Pom Squad. 


Video Requirements: 

  • Video #1 (Required):
    • Introduction:
      • Name, Hometown
      • Why do you want to attend Texas Tech University and what is your intended major?
      • Why do you want to be a member of our team?
      • Why do you think you are a good candidate?
    • Technique Requirements:
      • Quint Parallel Pirouette (Right Side) 
      • Triple Parallel Pirouette (Left Side) 
      • A la seconde turn combination
      • Pirouette Combination 
      • Extension of Choice (Right or Left Side)
      • Right Side Aerial 
      • Left Side Aerial 
      • Back Walkover (Right & Left) 
      • Front Walkover 
      • Headspring 
      • Kip Up 
      • Double Toe Touch 
      • Front Hurdler (Right) 
      • Leg Turn of Choice 
      • Leap in Second (Right & Left) 
      • Turning Jete Attitude (Right & Left) 
      • Switching Leap of Choice 
    • Combinations:
      • 1 Minute Jazz or Contemporary Combination (of your choice)
      • 30 Second Pom Combination (of your choice)
      • 30 Second Hip Hop Combination (of your choice)

*Combinations should showcase style, musicality, and technical ability.

  • Video #2 (Required):
    • This video can be a solo or any additional dance footage of your choice.  
    • Second video should be no longer than 3 minutes total in length. 
  • General Video Notes: 
    • Videos do not need to be professionally edited. 
    • Consider lighting and angles so you are easily evaluated. 
    • Attire:
      • Female: Black Sports Bra or Tank Top & Black Shorts
      • Male: All black attire. 


Recruiting Events:

  • May 17-19th, Tribe99 Combine & Expo -- Phoenix, Arizona 
  • May 31-5th, Crowd Pleasers Officer Camps -- Austin, DFW, Houston, Texas
  • June 15th, Texas Tech Pom Squad Summer Intensive -- Lubbock, Texas
  • July 8th, Streetz Nationals -- The Woodlands, Texas
  • August 9-11, HTX Connect The Summit -- Katy, Texas 
  • October 12-13th, Prodigy Dance Convention -- Nashville, Tennessee 
Additional Texas Tech Pom Squad Events will be announced soon!



  • 2025 High School Graduates & Transfer Students, Video Submissions Due by September 1, 2024
  • 2026 High School Graduates & Transfer Students, Video Submissions Due by September 1, 2025
*Should you need an extension please contact lauren.jackson.ttu@gmail.com directly to discuss the situation. 


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