Reible Research Group

Magdalena Rakowska

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Contact Information
Office:    MERC 106A


In 2007 I received an MSc degree in General and Applied Chemistry at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. During my studies I specialized in Analytical Chemistry and worked with laboratory procedures suitable for the isolation and measurement of trace levels of inorganic compounds in water and biological samples. In my MSc thesis I focused on preconcentration of arsenic on activated carbon before their further determination by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absoption Spectrometry. During my studies I was an exchange visitor at the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Aalborg University, Aalborg (Denmark). Since, sorption processes where of my particular interest I decided to start my PhD research in 2008 at the Sub-department of Environmental Technology of Wageningen University (The Netherlands). My research during next 5 years focused on exploring the potential of activated carbon addition for the remediation of contaminated sediments with hydrophobic organic chemicals. As of April 2014, I joined Dr. Reible's group at TTU as a postdoctoral fellow.