Texas Tech University

Faculty and Staff

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San Francisco, Michael

Co-Director @ CISER, Honors College, Office of the Dean
Phone: 806-834-2543
Email: michael.sanfrancisco@ttu.edu
Location: Biology, RM 312; Lab 308

Densmore, Lou

Program Director @ CISER
Phone: 806-834-6479
Email: lou.densmore@ttu.edu
Location: Biology, RM 606C; Lab 602

Taraban, Roman

Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 806-834-0450
Email: roman.taraban@ttu.edu
Location: Psychology, RM 310

Isom, Julie

Associate Program Director of Research
Phone: 806-834-0904
Email: julie.isom@ttu.edu
Location: Biology, RM 25


STEM Education

White, Jill

Director @ CISER, College of Education
Phone: 806-834-4904
Email: jill.white@ttu.edu
Location: Education, RM 155

Dwyer, Jerry

Associate Program Director 
Phone: 806-834-7399
Email: jerry.dwyer@ttu.edu
Location: Education, RM 104A

Durham, James

Contracting and Professional Development
Phone: 806-834-3559
Email: james.durham@ttu.edu