Texas Tech University

Scholar Service Organization (SSO)

In 1997, the CISER Scholars created on their own initiative an officially recognized student organization, the CISER Scholar Service Organization (SSO), to serve as the organizing entity for their social and service activities. The group meets regularly to plan events, which includes involvement with K-12 schools, tutoring their fellow students, and opportunities for professional development and research presentations.

The SSO meetings provide an opportunity for scholars to discuss their research projects, educational experiences, and other issues related to undergraduate research and STEM education. The members can choose to take a leadership role by running for one of six offices. Another area of leadership is in serving on the Scholar Selection Committee, to interview and select the Scholar applicants. SSO events are organized by the Scholars with help from the program staff. Some are informational, some are to meet with local and visiting scientists, and some are purely recreational with the purpose of building camaraderie and networking between Scholars.

SSO has many research service projects, our main events being our annual Research Carnival and the Scholar Research Forum.

In addition to SSO, SACNAS, and Women in STEAM, we are proud to announce our new 2016 affiliation with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM)

SSO Throughout History

The CISER Scholar Service Organization has a long history. It was started almost 20 years ago by undergraduate researchers, Tim McCavit and Jason Soukup. The alumni can be seen in our historical (and ever-growing) video on Facebook.