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William Tortorelli

Assistant Professor of Practice

Ph.D. in Classics, Brown University
Office: 272

William Tortorelli studies the lyric poetry of the Greek archaic period and Roman reception of Greek lyric poetics. He has recently expanded into work on the political landscape of Greek / Near Eastern interactions as attested in archaic Lesbian poetry. He enjoys the painstaking work of textual criticism, using papyri and Medieval manuscripts to repair the damage that time has done to our ancient texts. He is currently working on a digital platform for reading the fragmentary poets of the 7th and 6th centuries BCE, an article on allegory in the Odes of Horace, and an article on implicit expressions of poetics in archaic Greek poetry.

Professor Tortorelli studied Biochemistry, Neuroscience, and Classics at the University of Florida. He received his Ph.D. in Classics from Brown University.

Professor Tortorelli is the faculty advisor for the Classical Society.


"A Proposed Colometry of Ibycus 286," Classical Philology 99.4 (2004): 370-376.

Review of Wilkinson, The Lyric of Ibycus: Introduction, Text and Commentary, 2013. Classical Journal

Grants, Awards, and Recognition

University of Pennsylvania Critical Writing Postdoctoral Fellowship

Joukowski Family Fellowship

Two Grimshaw-Gudewicz Foundation Research Grants

University of Florida Teaching Award

Phi Beta Kappa

Recent Papers Delivered

"Lydian Hegemony and Lesbian Politics in Alcaeus" – 2017 SCS annual meeting, Toronto

"Exile and the Wisdom of Alcaeus" – 2015 CAMWS annual meeting, Boulder, CO

"The Wicker Man and Greek Tragedy" – Bryn Mawr Film Institute, March 2015

"The Discovery of a Lost Fragment of Euripides in P.Mich. inv. 3498+3250b verso and P.Mich. inv. 3250c" – Papyrology Workshop, Haverford College, February 2015

"The Poetics of Seduction in Roman Lyric and Elegy" – 2014 CAMWS annual meeting, Waco, TX

"The End of the Road for Ovid the Elegist" – 2012 CAMWS annual meeting, Baton Rouge, LA

"Lyric Wisdom: How Early Greek Poets Teach" – Classical Humanities Society of South Jersey lecture series, fall 2011

"Metapoetic Discourse in the Archaic Poets" – 2011 CAMWS annual meeting, Grand Rapids, MI


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