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Skype Interview Assessment Procedures

Newly-arriving international students not yet in Lubbock may be eligible for a Skype Interview Assessment Procedure. The objective of this interview is to identify newly arriving students whose English proficiency meets the required standard for approval to teach and would be likely be exempted from attending the ITA Summer Workshop. Skype Interview Assessment Candidates must be registered by their graduate advisors after careful consideration of any official evidence they have that the ITA candidate would likely pass the ITA Program tests, such as high speaking subtest scores on the TOEFL test (24 or above on the speaking subtest) or records of interviews you have had with them in English during the admissions process. More evidence than “I could understand him or her fine” while talking about mutual research interests needs to be provided. Eligible students whose graduate advisors provide the necessary proof of criteria will be given an appointment on May 10 (deadline to register is May 4) or June 12 (deadline to register is June 4).

Graduate Advisors: to register ITA candidates for this opportunity, please contact Carla Burrus.

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