Texas Tech University

Accessing The Lab


Using the Language Laboratory is a simple straightforward procedure:

    1. Be sure to have your Texas Tech Student ID; having your Tech ID is a must and is required.
    2. Remember to bring your textbook, language dictionary, and any handouts or workbooks you may need. (Tip: We have dictionaries and verb guides for some languages you may borrow.) You will also need to know which specific lesson, chapter or activity you will need to complete.
    3. Outside the Language Laboratory's main entrance is a large table where lab slips will be found. There are four different slips, depending on the area or service you need to use. You will need to fill out a lab slip only on your first visit; after that, you can simply present your student ID at the HelpDesk inside the Lab.

Language Lab Sign-in Slip

  1. Please fill it out completely. You will need to know all of the following:
    · Your R-Number (first visit only)
    · Your instructor's name
    · The language, course number and section for which you are studying
    · The chapter or lesson you need
  2. Present your completed lab slip with your ID at the HelpDesk inside the Lab. One of our staff will assist you in getting the material you will need and in getting seated.


    If you are taking more than one language class a time, please tell us.

    That's it! If you have any questions, please ask any of our staff for assistance.

Some Guidelines

Please also make note of the following:

  • The Language Laboratory is an extension of your classroom... it augments what you have been studying in class. It is the environment in which your hearing, speaking and comprehension skills can be practiced and developed. Please respect it as this.
  • Students are expected to complete their laboratory work in a responsible manner. Students should not read the newspaper, work on another course's homework, or conduct some other unrelated activity. If we find that lab time is not being spent appropriately, our staff have an obligation to ask that students work on their language activities. Sometimes, space is short, and all patrons should use the facility effectively.
  • All lab work is to be completed in the Lab facility... materials are not to be removed from the Lab, and all assigned listening, video and computer work is to be done inside the Lab.
  • If all seats are occupied, we will be glad to log you into the Lab system, and will call you as soon as a seat is available. (Students are called in the respective order they arrived.) It may be possible to work on another beneficial activity (such as watching a DVD) while you wait for a seat.

Language Lab & Research Center