Texas Tech University

Classical Latin Language & Literature Studies

TTU offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Classical Latin, which can lead to undergraduate and masters degrees in Classics in which one can specialize in Greek.

A Classics Minor can specialize in Latin. The minor would consist of 18 hours of Latin and related courses including six hours at the 3000 level or above.

Latin Language Courses can be used to satisfy TTU Foreign Language Requirements.

These courses also can prepare you for exotic and exciting study-abroad opportunities.

Latin Language Courses

  • LAT 1501, 1502 Beginning Course in Latin
  • LAT 1507 Comprehensive Latin Review
  • LAT 2301, 2302 A Second Course in Latin
  • LAT 4300 Individual Problems in Latin
  • LAT 4305 Individualized Readings in Latin Literature
  • LAT 5304 Latin Poetry: Epic, Lyric, Elegiac, and Pastoral
  • LAT 5310 Seminar in Latin Literature
  • LAT 5341 Intensive Latin for Graduate Research I
  • LAT 5342 Intensive Latin for Graduate Research II
  • LAT 5360 Latin Prose
  • LAT 7000 Research

In addition, a number of popular Greek Culture courses are offered in English:

  • CLAS 1310 Latin and Greek Terminology
  • CLAS 3302 Classical Mythology
  • CLAS 3303 Sports and Public Spectacles in the Ancient World
  • CLAS 3304 Ancient Technology
  • CLAS 3330 World of Rome
  • CLAS 3340 Gender and Sexuality in the Classical World
  • CLAS 3350 Comparative Mythology
  • CLAS 4300 Research in Classics (writing intensive, may be repeated for credit)
  • CLAS 4310 Seminar in Classics (writing intensive, may be repeated for credit)