Texas Tech University

Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Courses (Fall 2022-Summer 2023)

Summer 2022

SPAN 5355 Literature Cole

Fall 2022

LING 5322 Theoretical and Research Foundations of L Teaching Vasseur
SPAN 5343/LING 5330 Intro to SLA Elola
LING 5312 Intro. to Ling Lee
SPAN 5352 Methods of Literary Criticism TBD
SPAN 5362 Golden Age Beusterien
SPAN 5370 The Women of Colonial Latin America Guengerich
SPAN 5389 QuantitativeSociolinguistics Regan
PORT 5342 Intensive Portuguese II Ladeira
PORT 5355 Luso-Brazilian Lit. and Culture Reiter

Spring 2023

SPAN 5364 19th Century Peninsular Pereira
SPAN 5369 Peninsular Narratives Larson
SPAN 5355 Horror Fiction in the Hispanic World Cole
SPAN 5383 Language Contact/Bilingualism Rogers
LING 5385/SPAN 5385 Eye-tracking Lee
SPAN 5385 Raciolinguistics Guerrero
PORT 5341 Intensive Portuguese I Ladeira
PORT 5307 Luso-Brazilian Culture Reiter

Summer 2023

SPAN 5355 Literature TBD
SPAN 5385 Linguistics TBD
SPAN 5341 Intensive Spanish for Graduate Research I TBD
SPAN 5342 Intensive Spanish for Graduate Research II TBD

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