Texas Tech University

Spanish Faculty

Dr. Raychel Vasseur

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Education: PhD, University of Iowa, 2018



Personal website

Research Interests

  • Willingness to communicate in diverse learning contexts
  • Study abroad instruction and learner development
  • Contexts of L2 learning
  • (Digital) oral and written L2 production
  • Collaborative and individual writing
  • Teacher and peer (digital) feedback
  • Intercultural (communicative) competence
  • Program evaluation and outcomes assessment

Courses Commonly Taught


  • Theoretical and Research Foundations of Second Language Teaching
  • Studies in Spanish: Second Language Acquisition
  • Intercultural competence and second language acquisition


  • Spanish Skills: Speaking
  • A beginning course in Spanish (I & II)
  • Comprehensive Spanish Review
  • A second course in Spanish (I & II)

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • El mayor premio es compartirlo. Foreign Languages and Literature in the Everyday (http://fllite.org). COERLL. University of Texas at Austin. 2017.
  • Utilizing Willingness to Communicate Activities for the Development of Intercultural Competence. NECTFL Review. 2017. (Refereed)
  • Designing Embedded Outcomes Assessment for Spanish Majors: Literary Interpretation and Analysis. In J. Norris & N. Mills. (Eds.), Innovation and Accountability in Foreign Language Program Evaluation (pp. 83–109). Boston, MA: Cengage (with Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro). 2014. (Refereed)
  • Review of Social and Cultural Aspects of Language Learning in Study Abroad. Modern Language Journal, 98, 1052–1053. (with Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro). 2014.
  • Review of ¡Dímelo tú!: A Complete Course. NECTFL Review, 67, 122–124. 2011.