Texas Tech University

Testimonials from Spanish Graduates

“Texas Tech University is a sterling place to pursue doctoral studies. The institution offers multiple possibilities to carry out innovative work, provides funding opportunities for professionalization and research (e.g., grants, fellowships, awards) and boasts great centers and programs to go beyond core curricular requirements and become an engaged and creative scholar (e.g., TLPDC). I found the Spanish and Portuguese Department to be a solid and stimulating environment to carry out my PhD research. The faculty members are excellent mentors, invested researchers, and outstanding people to learn from, the staff members are friendly and efficient, and the grad student body is representative of all walks of life. I enjoyed a very close relationship with my professors, challenging collaborations with colleagues, and opportunities to explore interdisciplinary possibilities, while taking teaching and leadership roles within campus and in the community. A truly great experience.” - Josh Prada
"The decision to come to Texas Tech University and especially to the Ph.D program in Spanish is one that I am most glad that I made. Everyone from professors, staff, coordinators and fellow students has been a great source of inspiration and support. They all have contributed to my success in achieving my academic goals, and they have also helped me become a better professional. By being a GPTI I have the amazing possibility of improving my teaching skills and also of meeting wonderful people every day. I must say that I absolutely love my students!" - Claudia Simon
"Completing a PhD in Spanish at TTU prepared me really well not only to get a nice position as an assistant professor in a respected liberal arts college, but also to be able to perform well in all my duties as a professor from day one. The Graduate professors were always helpful mentors, coordinators and directors, for that reason my years as a graduate student as TTU gave my the opportunity to deeply develop several important aspects of my profession: teaching, researching, editing, and publishing." - Iñaki Prádanos
"Getting an MA in Spanish at TTU has certainly been the most meaningful experience in my academic and professional life. This respected liberal arts college has prepared me really well since the very first day. The Graduate professors, who are always available and willing to help, have been wonderful coordinators, mentors, guides and directors. They have helped and encouraged me to carry out research, to present in conferences and to publish in the academic world. I have also had the opportunity to get a position as an assistant professor; which has been an amazing chance to develop my teaching skills. Being a TA, at the same time, has provided me the one life time experience of teaching Spanish in Seville with the unique teaching abroad program that our department has." - Laura Valentin