Texas Tech University

Objective & Mission

At this Center, we are looking for talented, dedicated, and academically committed young scholars to join us in exploring the wondrous world of Engineering Sciences.

We especially invite NSF Graduate Fellows, DoD Graduate Fellows, and DoE Graduate Fellows to join us. Where appropriate we can provide supplemental funding.

We also cordially welcome International Visiting Scholars/Graduate Students who are supported by their respective governments, visiting professors, and short-term visitors to study here, research here, and collaborate with us.

The Texas Tech University has the ambiance of an old-world European university. Lubbock is a very quiet and charming town of 300,000 inhabitants with a very high quality of life, conducive to serious academic pursuits and achievements.

This Center will make everything possible to make your stay with us at TTU to be very productive as well as pleasant for you and your families.

Satya N Atluri, D.Sc (multi honoris causa)
Director, CARES.