Texas Tech University


Contemporary Engineering, Physical, Chemical, and Biological Sciences:

Aeroacoustic Impact Reduction for Human Factors
Boundary Element Methods
Combustion & Reactive Flows
Composite Materials: Modeling, Fabrication and Processing
Computational Electromagnetics
Computational Penetration Mechanics
Computational Structural Mechanics and High-performance Computing
Finite Element Methods
Prediction Fatigue Life of Structures
Finite Rotations in Beam, Plate and Shell Structures
Flexible Multi Body Dynamics , Space Structures
Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer
Fluid-Structure Interactions
Fracture and Damage Mechanics
Homogenization & Computational Meso/Micro/Damage Mechanics
Inverse problems and optimization
Mesh Adaptation & Optimization for Engineering Applications
Meshless Methods in Modeling
Molecular & Quantum Computing
Modeling of Fabrics and Membranes
Multi-scale ( quantum-nano-micro-meso-macro ) Modeling
Multiphysics & Multibody Dynamics
Optimization and Inverse Design Engineering
Simulation of Fracture and Failure in Solids
Stability and bifurcation
Two-Phase Flows

Systems Integration Through Computations:

Computational Educational Engineering( real-time simulations in class-room instruction)
Factory of the Future
Flight Safety & Continued Airworthiness
Integrated Product and Process Design; Visualization and Virtual Reality
Life-Cycle Costs
Life Extension of Aging Infrastructure( Bridges, Aircraft, Railroad,etc)
Machine Control
MEMS & Semiconductor Technology
Minimally Invasive Surgery Thru Computer Modeling
Modeling of Smart Structures and Repairs
Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization
Navigation, Guidance & Control
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems & Chaos
Nonlinear System Control
Optimal Design of Structures
Rapid Prototyping & Minimization of Product-to-Market Costs

Advanced Communications and Information Processing Technologies:

Computational Animation/ Entertainment
Computational Electronic Packaging
Computational Finance & Market Indicators
Computational Intelligence and Advanced Information Technologies in Engineering Science
Computational Mechanics for Electronic Devices/Components
Data Mining
Geographically Distributed Real Time Computing
Large-scale data management
Multi-media & entertainment
Multiscale Simulations: Quantum-Molecular Dynamics-Meso-Macro Mechanics
Parallel Computation for Visualization and Virtual Reality
Real-Time Scientific Visualization
Sensors & Actuators
Symbolic Computer Programming in Computational Mechanics
Virtual Reality