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Distinguished Engineer Photo: Dysart E. Holcomb
Dysart E. Holcomb

Dysart E. Holcomb

Distinguished Engineer



Chemical Engineering – 1937



At Time of Nomination in 1969

The distinctions which have burnished the name of Dysart Edgar Holcomb are numerous. Texas Tech University takes great pride in recognizing, in a special way, his qualities of excellence, since it is the university at which he earned his baccalaureate and which he once served as dean of the College of Engineering.

It is highly rewarding for his Alma Mater to contemplate a career of vigor and intensity such as his. From chemical engineer for an oil company to associate professor of chemical engineering at Purdue University; from senior projects technologist in industry, to dean of engineering at Texas Tech; from president of what is now the University of Texas at El Paso to director of research and development for a large natural gas and gas products company; from director of research for the company with which he is now affiliated, to vice president for research, engineering and development of that company, he has sculpted, with the tools of his profession and a finely honed mind, that special place which he occupies among friends and professional associates.

As palpable evidence of his accomplishments, one has only to contemplate his status as a distinguished alumnus of the University of Michigan; the many honorary societies which have conferred membership upon him, not the least of which is Tau Beta Pi; the sixteen technical publications of which he is the author; the place he occupies in the listings of distinguished citizens, of which Who’s Who in America and in Leaders in Science are but two among many; and the positions of high trust to which he has been called by his peers, such as a directorship of the El Paso Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, and a directorship of the Texas Tech University Foundation.

Texas Tech feels that it honors itself in honoring Dysart Edgar Holcomb with the designation: DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER.

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