Global Techsan Program

global texsans
Global Techsan is a partnership program set up to facilitate cultural inclusion on Texas Tech University's campus using both domestic and international students. As a Global Techsan, members will be paired together, a domestic student with an international student. GT members will be expected to attend planned campus events, as well as meet up on campus with their "GT" on a biweekly basis for lunch, dinner or just to hang out! This is a great way to learn about the culture of other countries, as well as help integrate international students into the Texas Tech family. Activities students have done in the past, attend football games, Brazil dance lessons, volleyball games, pumpkin carving, study session, etc.


  • President: Arianna Avalle
  • Vice President: Tyler Seale
  • Secretary: Jacob Opoku
  • Treasurer: Erica Ripley
  • Historian: Marcella Salazar
  • Staff Advisor: Ashley Haseley

Membership Requirement:

  • Must be enrolled at Texas Tech University
  • Must serve at least one semester
  • Members have the options to participate in the planning committee as an additional duty to being a GT
  • All interested students need to email the Staff Advisor, Ashley Haseley