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About Job Grid

Job Grid is a one-stop-shop for all things careers for Texas Tech Engineers. Only students and alumni of the Texas Tech Whitacre College of Engineering have access to this site. By using Job Grid, students and alumni agree to abide by EOC Student Policies.

Job Grid Allows You To:

  • Create a job search profile and log offers and employment history.
  • Store and manage your resume, cover letters, transcripts and other career-related documents
    • Note: Only your primary resume is searchable by employers. Please upload your resume ASAP to be found!
  • Search for co-ops, internships, and full-time positions through the OCI (On-Campus Interview) and Job Listings Tab
  • Search and register for upcoming company and career center events
  • Download a copy of the Job Fair company list
  • Apply for resume books to be found more easily by employers

Please use your TTU email address to log in. If you are unable to access the site and you are a student or alumni of the Whitacre College of Engineering, please email coe.careers@ttu.edu.

Job Grid Student User Guide