Texas Tech University

Once You're Back

  1. Log into your TTU Study Abroad application to see what remaining items need to be completed.
  2. Ensure your transcript was sent to the TTU Credit Coordinator (not applicable for faculty-led programs)
    1. Credit Coordinator- Study Abroad
      Office of International Affairs
      601 Indiana Ave.
      Texas Tech University
      Lubbock, TX 79409-5004
  3. Schedule an appointment with your program manager (your application will state if this is required)
  4. Share your experience with fellow students
  5. Get involved with campus organizations like the Engineering Diplomats
  6. Purchase an optional sash to reflect your time abroad at graduation! Visit the TTU Engineering's page through Vision Wear International. 
    • When placing your order, be sure to use your TTU email address and enter in the code TTENG2020 for free, economy shipping. Students wanting a sash for graduation should order their sash no later than one month in advance!

Students may experience signs of reverse culture shock and can reach out to their program manager or the Texas Tech Student Counseling Center for guidance. See more information on the Texas Tech Study Abroad website for returning students.


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