Texas Tech University

A message from the dean

Dear friends and colleagues,

covid19In these strange times, with seemingly no answers and often confusing communications, I would like to give you some suggestions/college protocols on what steps to take if anyone in engineering (faculty, staff or student) test positive for COVID-19. If you are positive (or think you are), isolate yourself, call your doctor (if you have not done so already), let HR know at hr.talent.management@ttu.edu, notify your Chair and inform any others you were in contact with. Anyone that has been around that person (the person that tested positive) and has violated one of these 3 criterion needs to assume they may be infected and need to self-isolate and be tested. If you have been around that person and either they/you did not have a mask on, they or you did not practice social distancing and they or you were around each other greater than 15 minutes you need to immediately self-isolate. Violating any of these 3 criterion (e.g., mask, distance, time) means you have a chance of infection and you need to assume you were until you find out otherwise. These college protocols are based on the latest advice from medical professionals.

Please seriously keep them in mind. We are our neighbor's keeper.

Be safe and stay healthy, Al