Team Registration & Demographics

Team Registration Steps:

Go to the BEST website

1. Click on Teams Register Here under Announcements, or from the menus select Get Involved > Register a Team.
2. Find the West Texas BEST hub event from the list of available events.
3. Click on the West Texas BEST Season Registration. The event page will load.
4. Click on the REGISTER button.
5. Fill out the form with the required (*) information in the allotted time.
6. Click on the Complete Registration button.
7. Check your email for a confirmation.

Make sure that you register on the "Season Registration" site.

Team Demographics

Just before the Project Engineering Notebook is due, the team should complete the Team Demographics form provided in the kickoff materials and on the website.

The form must be inserted into the Project Engineering Notebook that will be submitted for judging.

Again, this year a 2017 Team Demographics Spreadsheet (included in the kickoff materials and on the website) shall be completed and sent electronically by Trial Run. The spreadsheet shall be sent to:
Stacey Young: