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Sponsorship Opportunities

GEAR Students

We have many opportunities for you to associate yourself or your business with science education and our young students, including:

  • Undergraduate Engineering Student Mentor Sponsor ($5000):
    Support 10 undergraduate students who will mentor GEAR teams at schools for a 12-week period in the spring semester. This includes cost of transportation to schools, up to 80 miles away from Lubbock. A major selling point of our LEGO robotics program is the fact that we provide teachers with assistance in the classroom through experienced engineering freshmen mentors. Relieving teachers from the “burden” of being proficient in programming facilitates the recruitment of new schools. For many school participants, contact with these university engineering students is the only exposure they have to a college environment, and shows them career choices they might otherwise not consider.
  • Teacher/Coach Sponsor ($3000):
    During the eight-week challenge, teachers spend about 40 to 50 hours after school and on weekends coaching their teams. They do this out of dedication, and because they experience the positive impact the program has on the students. We would like to reward each teacher with a $100 gift certificate during Game Day.
  • Materials and Supplies Sponsor ($3000):
    This covers the cost of game tables and game pieces for the GEAR Challenge — approximately $100 per school.
  • LEGO NXT Kit Sponsor ($3000, multiple sponsorships possible):
    This covers the cost of 12 LEGO NXT kits to be made available to participating school teams for the duration of the Challenge.
  • Food Sponsor ($1500, could be in-kind):
    This provides lunch for approximately 500 participants during Game Day.
  • Event Sponsor ($1000):
    This covers the cost of renting the Texas Tech Student Recreational Center for the Kickoff Event, Practice Run, and Game Day. The TTU Student Recreational Center provides a clean and safe environment on campus, as well as qualified staff.
  • Awards Sponsor ($500):
    This covers award ribbons and certificates for all participants.

If you would like to fund one of these items, email Dr. Tanja Karp.