eGIRL - Engineering: Get Into Real Learning Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Where are we eating?

eGIRL participants will be eating the majority of meals in the dining hall of the residence halls. Several dining options are available to accommodate a range of dietary concerns.

May I have my phone?

Students will be expected to act professionally with access to their phone, limiting it to their free time.

Do I get to choose my roommate?

Due to the aim of eGIRL, no. eGIRL participants will have a chance to interact with similar high school females interested in engineering. We seek to connect students together in this manner while emulating a university housing "potluck", where students are paired together based on their interests.

What will the projects be like?

The eGIRL engineering courses will cover six main engineering concepts and one overall engineering project. Class time will also allow students to experience a range of campus life activities and traditions.

How much free time will we have?

Students will attend various classes Mon.-­Fri., with short breaks throughout the day. Each evening will have fun, free university activities available to participants. Students may also choose to work on their engineering projects during this free time.

Is there a curfew?

Yes. eGIRL participants will remain in their groups throughout the week's activities. For safety reasons, participants will need to follow all camp guidelines, including residence hall and individual room curfews.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Will we be able to communicate with our daughter?

In case of emergency, during class hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm) please contact camp staff directly.

Outside of class hours, including lunch, you may absolutely communicate with your daughter. Closer to the time of camp you will receive a schedule so you know where your daughter will be at all times.

Due to privacy matters, assisting Texas Tech staff and volunteers will not be able to disclose any information regarding participants or the schedule, whether in person or over the phone.

How and whom do I contact in case of emergency?

eGIRL participants and parents will be given the contact information of staff upon acceptance. In case of an emergency during work hours (M-F, 8am-5pm), please call the Whitacre College of Engineering at 806.742.3451.

How much is required of me at the camp?

Parents are not required to attend any portion of the eGIRL camp. However, we ask parents' assistance during Sunday move-in. Parents are also welcome to attend the Friday's debrief of the week and watch the participants' engineering presentation shortly after.

Do I need to send extra money with my daughter?

eGIRL participants will be given the opportunity to purchase Texas Tech gear and snacks with their own funds. We recommend that each participant bring a minimum of $15 to compensate for any possible lost access cards to the residence halls. Students will be responsible for lost items that are camp or university property.

Frequently Asked Questions for Potential Counselors

What can I expect as a counselor for the eGIRL camp?

eGIRL counselors will serve in facilitating the eGIRL summer camp alongside EOC staff and WCOE staff and faculty. Their goal will to be encourage campers in their pursuit of engineering, aid in students' ability to problem solve and work ethic, and represent Texas Tech University as a whole. Our counselors will help in the classrooms, camper project team meetings, and during social events. 

How many counselors will be hired?

The EOC is seeking 9-12 counselors who will be on varying shifts of time, working with eGIRL campers as they immerse themselves in a TTU engineering student's schedule.

What is the pay rate?

eGIRL Counselors will be paid at a rate based on levels of participation. More information to come January 2018.

What are the times that I need to be available?

If selected as an eGIRL counselor, you will be required to attend a three-hour orientation and training session with EOC staff before camp. In addition, counselors will be required to complete one of the trainings required for employees of summer camps. Counselors must be available for the full week of Sunday, June 17 – Friday, June 22, 2018.



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