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In memoriam: Bolanle Olaniran

Communication Studies

Email: b.olaniran@ttu.edu

Phone: +1.806.834.3978

Research: Social media, Intercultural & international, Crisis & risk, Organizational 

Office: 211

Web: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Bolanle_Olaniran 


Ph.D. University of Oklahoma, 1991
M.A. University of Central Oklahoma, 1987

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Bolanle Olaniran


Bolanle Olaniran is a professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Texas Tech University. His research includes Computer-Mediated Communication, Organization communication, Cross-cultural communication, and Crisis Management and Communication. He has authored several articles in discipline focus and interdisciplinary focus Journals (i.e., Regional, National, and International) and edited book chapters in each of these areas. He serves as a consultant to organizations at local, national, international, and government level. His works have gained recognition such as the American Communication Association's "Outstanding Scholar in Communication field," He is also the recipient of TTU 2006 Office of the President's Diversity, 2007 President's Excellence in Teaching Awards and nominated for 2007 TTU Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award. His recent invited lecture series include Knowledge Learning, Information & Technology (KLIT) in Taiwan and Technology Science Innovation in Russia. Professional Communication in China. He is also the founder and director of a non profit organization: Sickle Cell Ministries. He enjoys traveling with his family which has taken him on several interesting and memorable adventures.


His research includes Computer-Mediated Communication, Organization communication, Cross-cultural communication, and Crisis Management and Communication. The interest in Computer-Mediated Communication has led me to explore the impact of communication technologies in organizations and interpersonal settings such as E-Learning, Knowledge management, decision making, and even gaming. As for Cross-cultural communication, my work has been influenced by Geert Hofstede's dimensions of cultural variability which has led me to explore implications of technologies design in and for a particular on others such as globalization. With Crisis management my focus is on crisis prevention and management. This focus has allowed me to look at the impact of issues management in crisis and very recently the move towards development of Crisis communication center as a key resource in crisis preparedness 37 and management. Furthermore, crisis management has prompted me to explore health communication and especially risk communication.


  • Content analysis
  • Focus group interviews
  • Experiment
  • Survey

Research Areas

  • Social media
  • Intercultural & international communication
  • Crisis & risk communication
  • Organizational communication


Selected Publications

Olaniran, B. A., Williams, D. E., & Coombs, W. T. (Eds.). (2012). Crisis preparation, communication, and management: Preparing for the inevitable. NY: Peter Lang

St-Amant, K., & Olaniran, B. A. (Eds.) (2011). Globalization and the Digital Divide. UK: Cambria Publishers.

Olaniran, B. A., & Scholl, J. C. (2014). New England Compounding Center Meningitis Outbreak: A Compounding Public Health Crisis. Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response, 4(1), 34-42.

Olaniran, B. A. (2013). Videoconferencing: A Technology with Promises and Challenges—Case Study with IVC in an Undergraduate Course. Electronic Journal of Communication (EJC)/La Revue de Communication, 23(1 & 2).

Olaniran, B. A., & Rodriguez, N. (2013). ICT and Healthcare: A Closer Look at the Role of ICTs in Providing Support for Female Victims/Survivors of Domestic Violence (DV). In M. Cruz-Cunha, I. Miranda, & P. Gonçalves (Eds.), Handbook of Research on ICTs and Management Systems for Improving Efficiency in Healthcare and Social Care (pp. 720-733). Hershey, PA: Medical Information Science Reference. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-3990-4.ch037

Olaniran, B. A. (2012). Culture and New Media: Exploring Cultural Challenges in E-Learning. In P. Cheong, J. Martin, & L. McFadyen, (Eds.), New Media and Intercultural Communication (pp. 61-74). New York: Peter Lang.

Olaniran, B. A., Scholl, J. C., Williams, D. E., & Boyer, L. (2012). Johnson and Johnson phantom recall: A fall from grace or a re-visit of the ghost of the past. Public Relations Review, 38(1), 153-155.

Olaniran, B. A., Rodriguez, N. B., Olaniran, O. S., & Olaniran, O. O. (2012). Culture and Some Unintended Consequences of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) in Africa: Using Nigeria as a Case Study. In R. Taiwo and I. Chiluwa (Eds.), Computer-Mediated Discourse in Africa. NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Olaniran, B. A. (2010). Conflict Management in an electronic medium. International Journal of Conflict Management, 21(1), 44-69.

Olaniran, B. A., & Austin, K. A (2009). Web-Assisted Instruction in Upper Division Communication Studies Curriculum: A Theoretical and Quantitative Analysis. Campus-Wide Information Systems: The International Journal of Information & Learning Technology, 26(1), 43-53.

Teaching Focus

  • Coms 5304 Organization Communication
  • Coms 5303 Small Group Communication
  • Coms 5309 Conflict Management and Communication
  • Coms 6303 Seminar in Organizational Communication
  • Coms 4350 Special Topics in Corporate and Organizational Communication: Coms 3339 Intercultural Communication
  • Coms 3359 Interviewing
  • Coms 3353 Small Group Communication
  • Coms 3355 Communication in Organizations
  • Coms 3300 Nonverbal Communication
  • Coms 2358 Business and Professional Communication

Leadership & Awards

Associate Editor:
International Journal of information Technology and Education

Editorial Board:
Multicultural Education Techonology
Management Communication Quarterly
Electronic Journal of Communication
Communication Studies

American Communication Association Outstanding Scholar
TTU President's Excellence in Diversity
TTU President's Excellence in Teaching