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Gabriel Dominguez Partida

Doctoral Student
Graduate Program

Email: Gabriel.Partida@ttu.edu

Phone: 1.806.742.6500

Research: Cultural Identity. National Identity. Film and pop culture. Mexican Cinema. Social Media. Intercultural / International Communication

Office: 707

Social Media: Twitter:@gabodoming

M.F.A. University of Guadalajara, 2011

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Gabriel Dominguez Partida


Gabriel is pursuing his Ph.D. in Communication, focusing his research in Mexican cinema and cultural identity. At the same time, he's a research assistant in the Thomas Jay Harris Institute for Hispanic and International Communication. Previously, Gabriel obtained his Communication degree from Panamericana University, Campus Guadalajara, and his Master in Film Studies from the University of Guadalajara. He is a specialist in Anthropology and Ethics; as well as in Didactic Competences by the Panamericana. Mr. Domínguez also attended at the International School of Cinema and Television at San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba; and the Professional Screenwriting Program and the Writing for Television Program at the University of California, Los Angeles. He made an internship in CNN in Spanish and has participated as director and scriptwriter of audiovisual projects, both for local and national brands in Mexico. He has been a speaker at different National and International Congresses, and former faculty and head of the Audiovisual Academy at the Panamericana University from 2010 to 2018.


Gabriel's research interest focuses on international communication, especially Mexican cinema and its relation to social change and cultural identity. He explores topics as nationalism, post-modern identity, multiculturalism, and social awareness through the analysis of films and audiences in Mexico and the U.S.


  • Textual Analysis
  • Visual Analysis
  • Focus group interviews
  • Discourse/Conversation Analysis
  • In-depth interviews.

Research Areas

  • Cultural Identity
  • National Identity
  • Film and pop culture
  • Mexican Cinema
  • Social Media
  • Intercultural / International Communication

Selected Publications

  • Dominguez, G. (2013) El rumbo del cine hispanoamericano. El eterno caminar de Lake Tahoe [The direction of the Hispanic American cinema. The eternal walk of Lake Tahoe]. El ojo que piensa. Revista de Cine Iberoamericano, 4 (7). Retrieved from: http://www.elojoquepiensa.cucsh.udg.mx/

  • Dominguez, G. (2015). La genealogia de la violencia en el México Contemporáneo según Carlos Reygadas [The genealogy of violence in contemporary Mexico according to Carlos Reygadas]. In Perez, R. (Coord.). Los caminos del cine mexicano contemporáneo [The pathways of contemporary Mexican cinema]. Guadalajara, MX: Amateditorial. 

  • Dominguez, G. (2018). La universalidad y su vinculación con la idosincrasia en el cine hecho en México: Güeros, de Alonso Ruizpalacios [Universality and idiosyncrasy in Mexican cinema: Güeros, by Alonso Ruizpalacios]. In Dominguez, G. & Diaz, E. (Coord.). La evolución de la comunicación y su repercusión en la sociedad contemporánea [The evolution of communication and its repercussion in contemporary society]. Guadalajara, MX: Universidad Panamericana. 

  • Dominguez, G. & Diaz-Cervero, E. (under review). El narcotráfico en el cine mexicano de ficción. Arquetipos desde 2010 a 2017 [Drug trafficking in Mexican fiction films. Archetypes from 2010 to 2017.]

Teaching Focus

Writing for feature film

Leadership & Awards

  • First place Humanities at 18th Annual Graduate school poster presentation (2019)
  • Fellow of the PhDigital Bootcamp at Texas State University (March 2019 – May 2019)