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Communication is a foundational part of the human experience.  As a result, research that explores communication can be applied to virtually all fields of research and inquiry, including the health sciences, STEM disciplines, and the humanities.  

Media & Communication Research


Research enriches our students' educational experience, addresses applied communication questions for external partners, and helps broaden the impact of research from partners across the Texas Tech University System.

Research Faculty

The faculty in the College of Media & Communication are experts in applying a variety of tools and approaches to the study of communication behavior, strategies, and products. 

Student Research

Undergraduate and graduate student researchers are a vital part of the research mission of the College of Media & Communication.

Research Areas


Knowing the most effective strategy for influencing your audience is vital to making the most of your message.

Corporate & Organizational

Communication within and outside organizations affects their overall mission and objectives.


During times of crisis, effective communication is essential to cope with  events.

Entertainment & Pop Culture

Study the impact of entertainment content, the effects of video game play, the qualitative examination of entertainment products, industries, culture, and more.

Global & International

National borders often have little meaning when it comes to the flow of information.


The generation and dissemination of health information affects individuals, community groups, institutions, and public policy.

Hispanic & Intercultural

Communicating often involves sharing ideas and information with others from very different backgrounds and life experiences.


Explore the dynamics of family relationships, dating, marriage and more.


Despite rapid changes in the media landscape, journalism is as important as ever.

Media Psycho-physiology

Biological responses to messages help researchers understand cognitive and emotional processing media.

Political & Civic

Examine the role communication plays in the relationship between citizens and the government, elected officials, and media.

Public Relations

Public relations is a crucial activity for any company in today's marketplace.


A crucial part of generating scientific knowledge is how it is communicated to many different groups through multiple platforms and channels.

Social Media

Shed light on how new social media tools are used, and their impact society, in families, and on individuals.

Speech & Rhetoric

The study of human communication dates back thousands of years, and that tradition continues today.


Despite constant shifts in television—how we watch, where we watch, and when we watch—sports remains one of the most popular genres on TV.



Effective communication isn't just about what is said—it's about what is seen.

Research News


Center for Communication Research

The Center for Communication Research houses state-of-the art technology for studying all facets of audience response to media messages—video, audio, online, commercial, informational and more.

CoMC Facility

The Thomas Jay Harris Institute for Hispanic & International Communication (HIHIC) in the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University promotes better understanding of Hispanic-related and international media communication through research, teaching and community outreach.

For more information about CoMC's research and research lab capabilities, contact:

Coy Callison, Ph.D.
Professor & Associate Dean for Graduate Studies & Research
College of Media & Communication
Texas Tech University