Texas Tech University

Content Analysis Lab

The quantitative, systematic examination of media content has long been used to provide valuable insights into the nature of communication, including dominant topics, comparisons between messages or classes of messages, changes over time, and more. The Center for Communication Research provides a number of resources to facilitate such analysis, including video recording, capturing of live television transcripts, and the computerized analysis of large volumes of text data.

Lab Hardware. The CCR contains a number of technologies to simplify content analysis of both video and text media. The lab uses a Snapstream video server to permit the automated recording of multiple channels of television programming simultaneously. In addition, video content can be downloaded, compressed, or converted into multiple formats for playback, external storage, or recording to DVD. The system also captures closed captioning data to generate transcripts of television programming to aid in subsequent analysis.

In addition, the CCR uses multiple software packages to aid in the analysis of text, including Diction, QDA Miner, and Dragon dictation software.