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Q&A: Devin Colón

  • Name: Devin Colón
  • Age: 23
  • Hometown: Spring, Texas
  • Position: Marketing Solutions Manager
  • Company: Teksys, Inc.

Devin Colón graduated from the College of Media & Communication in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Media Strategies. Colón had the opportunity of interning with the Walt Disney Company for eight months in Orlando, Fla. His duties included promoting the Disney brand and shadowing marketing executives. Before graduating, Colón worked in marketing and sales for Ksino, Inc., an apparel company for men and women. He was involved in developing social media plans, event coordination, and other public relations activities. In July 2013, Colón accepted the position of marketing solutions manager for Teksys, Inc. in Houston.

Describe how you utilize social media as a Marketing Solutions Manager?

Social Media is utilized in every possible facet of my job as a Marketing Solutions Manager; from live tweeting special events to communicating with clients and other businesses. The wide variety social media platforms offer many different opportunities to generate traffic, create interaction and eventually generate conversions. For example, I use social media to further refine our brand's identity by giving our brand a voice, allowing me to provide clients and customers with an opportunity to be informed, serviced and sometimes simply be entertained.

What type of tools are used for social media interaction and engagement?

Contests, infographics, videos, SEO and apps are all examples of the types of content that can be leveraged through the various platforms. Using pull tactics such as these invites users to interact and spend extended time on your pages. Other social media management systems are essential to saving time and creating a unified voice across your platforms while keeping your interaction and engagement high.

Can you explain the process and development of a social media plan?

The development of a social media plan can be daunting at first, but if you have a solid business plan and a brand identity that you want to convey, things tend to fall into place once you ask the right questions. I first start out by defining what my content marketing mission statement is; defining the target market and asking myself what do I want to help visitors achieve? Then I ask myself, what is my design objective? Are there visual standards I want to emulate? There are many things to consider when developing your social media plan especially when it comes to defining your voice. Is it fun? Entertaining? Informative? Calculated? The lists and considerations go on. The process and development of a social media plan is one of my favorite parts of my job.

As an intern for Disney, how was social media used to interact with people of all cultures?

Disney uses their social media across every platform. You really get to see how things work on a truly massive landscape. Absolutely everything is done with research and a plan behind it. They continue to define what the highest level of customer service is through their social media, as well. Disney uses social media for everything from entertainment and sports updates, to bringing you back to your favorite childhood memories, and they do it through every language. The power of social media is truly inspiring when executed well.

What advice can you share with students who are looking for internships?

Be proactive, follow up and don't give up. One of the most difficult things for me to grasp when I first started looking for internships or a job was to simply be patient. Things work at a much different pace in the business world. Also, don't be afraid to take risks or leave your comfort zone. Cold call professionals or email them; they will give you an opportunity to speak more often than one would think, and when you speak to them be clear, concise and confident. They will respect that. Remember the worst thing they can do is say, “no.”

How did the College of Media & Communication prepare you for the professional world?

It prepared me by showing me what it really means to work hard and what's possible through dedication and perseverance. Through great courses and phenomenal teaching, I was able to discover what I was passionate about. The College of Media & Communication really guided me and gave me the education I needed to start my career off on the right foot.

Devin Colón

Devin Colón