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Q&A: Dinah Goodson

  • Name: Dinah Goodson
  • Age: 24
  • Hometown: Glen Rose, Texas
  • Position: Assistant Director of Promotions & Fan Engagement
  • Company: Texas Tech Athletics

Dinah Goodson graduated from the College of Media & Communication in August 2011 with her undergraduate degree in public relations and master's in sports media in December of 2012.

She was an officer of Tech PR and served as a marketing and promotions intern for Texas Tech Athletics during her undergraduate years. Before she landed a full-time job with Tech Athletics, she worked as the Event & Operations Coordinator for the Valero Alamo Bowl. Dinah returned to Raiderland and began working for Tech Athletics in February of 2013.

Describe how you used social media as the Event & Operations Coordinator for the Valero Alamo Bowl.

I did not use social media frequently, but I did help build graphics for the accounts, because I was the only public relations intern fluent in Adobe Suite. However, I did start the Pinterest account and because it was the 20th anniversary of the bowl the content was focused on our 20-year countdown. I created various boards such as, attractions in San Antonio, tailgate food and orange clothes. It was a fun project I was able to make my own.

How do you use social media in your current position as Assistant Director of Promotions & Fan Engagement?

We use social media to engage and inform our audiences. We use graphics on every channel to promote games, scores during or after games, infographics, athlete statistics, athlete features, and special promotions during the game. In addition, we host several contests. Last summer we hosted the “Guns Up Around The World” contest and we were recognized at the Big 12 Marketing Meetings for it. Most recently, we hosted the Bark in the Park contest for a baseball game. Fans could post pictures with their dog(s) to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then we complied all the photos into an album on Facebook. The photo with the most likes won 6 tickets to a Red Raider home baseball game. Contests are for entertaining fans, staff and players which is why do them so consistently.

What tools do you use to monitor social media for Tech Athletics?

We use TweetDeck for Twitter because everyone can access the site. Then we use the Facebook admin panel, it teaches us about what our analytics mean and how our fans are engaging so we don't need a monitoring platform.

What are the most important things that students need to know about social media before they graduate?

Never underestimate the power of spell check. If a company sends out a post with a spelling or grammatical error it makes the company look bad, so always double-check before you post. You also have to have a thick skin, because if someone is bashing a player, the coach, team, your client, you can't let it get to you. It is easy for someone to go on a rant from behind a computer. When someone begins bashing Texas Tech athletics we handle the situation by direct messaging them and offer our personal number to talk about the situation, and 9 times out of 10 we never hear from them. So do not take attacks personally, the situation can be handled in a calm manner and most of the time that person ends up happy again.

What does your daily work schedule consist of?

It changes day to day, but my first hour in the office is always spent on social media, monitoring, responding and scheduling posts for the day. Most of my days are spent building graphics, writing game scripts, downloading game music, and researching new promotions. This is not an 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. job. On game days, we are at work from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., then head out to a game or an event after work. Since social media is part of my job, I'm constantly working. For example, after a football game we stay in the office an hour or two to respond to fans and monitor their posts, then I check it on my phone about every fifteen minutes until I go to bed. Social media is constant, 24 hours a day.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Marketing is the fun side of athletics in my opinion. We are in charge of creating all the cool stuff that surrounds an athletic event. Anything fun that occurs at a game, such as music, spirit teams, contests-all the extra stuff, besides the actual game, is our job. I love going to an athletic event and making sure everyone else has an awesome time.

How did the College of Media & Communication prepare you for the professional world?

I think my graduate education helped me more than anything I think, especially my sports media classes. Russ Bookbinder was the vice chancellor of Texas Tech University when he was my professor, but he was previously the head of communications for San Antonio Spurs. Learning from someone who had worked for a pro sports team was very beneficial. I learned how to hold a press conference, plan an athletic event and handle crises. News writing in undergrad also helped me, because grammar, spelling and punctuation are so important for a brand like Texas Tech.

What skills would you recommend students have in order to obtain a job or internship in your line of work?

You must have interpersonal communication skills. You cannot be shy in sports communications, and you have to be dedicated because attending events on top of your regular work schedule is tough. Graphic design skills are a major plus in any communication or marketing field. Graphic designs skills will help you stand out from other applicants and eliminate you having to constantly rely on a graphic designer. This will make you more productive and a better asset to your company. If I was looking for an intern, Adobe suite skills would be a top skill set I would look for.

What advice would you share with current students about finding their first job out of college?

Try to do as many internships as possible while you're in college. Nobody cares if you have a perfect GPA, employers would rather have experience. So if you have a slightly lower GPA with a lot of experience that will pay off in the long run. Plus, the more people you work for, the more people you know. The bigger your network, the easier it will be to find a full-time job after graduation in my opinion. Apply everywhere in the area of communications you want and use your contacts. Don't give up on going into a certain field because it is competitive-be persistent. Sending thank you notes after interviews or meeting someone makes a huge impression too. I'm the only person who sent a thank you note after the Alamo Bowl interview and they said it was one of the main reasons I received the internship. And finally, graduate degrees are expected now, so grad school is a must.

Dinah Goodson

Dinah Goodson