Texas Tech University

2021 Covid Data


2021 Cumulative Totals

Students Employees Total
Total Reported 1308 316 1624
Total Recovered 1308 316 1624

2021 COVID-19 Case Trends

  • The data contained in this dashboard is cumulative beginning January 3, 2021. The university did not report data from May 22 through August 22 but resumed its reporting on August 23 with the start of the fall semester. The university suspended the reporting of new active cases on Dec. 1 (final class day of fall semester) but continued to report recoveries of the active cases that were listed on Dec. 1. Cumulative data from 2020 can be accessed through this link.
  • This dashboard contains data on students (on-campus and off-campus combined) and employees (faculty, staff and student employees combined) that took classes or worked on our Lubbock campus (satellite campuses are not included in these numbers).
  • Students that were employed in some capacity by Texas Tech were considered student employees and their data is reflected in the employee column of this dashboard. Due to the fact they had an actual workplace on campus, they were classified as employees for contact tracing purposes and for supervisor notification.
  • Data for this dashboard is compiled from Student Health Services, the Texas Tech Physicians Family Medicine Faculty/Staff Clinic, the Texas Department of Emergency Management, and the TTU COVID-19 online reporting platform.

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