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March 23, 2020

Texas Tech University Faculty/Staff

Noel Sloan, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Administration & Finance Sean Childers, Assistant Vice President for Operations

Modified Campus Building Access Policy

As the campus has implemented the "Modified Work Policy," security and safety for the facilities and the reduced number of people within those facilities is also a focus.

Effective Monday, March 23, most facilities on campus will move to a single-entrance policy with only one door per building unlocked during business hours. As a note, some facilities will remain locked down with card and/or key access as allowed through prior authorization.

We do understand the need for access into the facilities, even during times of elevated warnings and/or limited work schedules and will accommodate each area for this access. The Operations Division has identified the doors that will be accessible. Working with the Texas Tech Police Department and the Office of Student Disability, ADA and surveillance needs were considered. A map of the accessible doors can be found at https://go.ttu.edu/buildingaccess. For all doors remaining secure, existing hard key and card access will remain in place. If you had prior access to exterior doors, you will still have that access. If you are not able to utilize the entrance identified, please work with your departments leadership to route the request through Key Management System (KMS) and the University Lock Shop. Faculty and staff members who need to use academic building space after hours for work that cannot be completed remotely should still be able to access those spaces using their current keys and/or cards.

For researchers needing access to maintain critical research systems – cryogenic storage and cryogenic instrument maintenance, animal husbandry, maintenance of experimental plant species, maintenance of cell lines, and access to spaces performing other mission-critical continuing on-campus experiments (those approved by the Vice President for Research's Office) – please ensure that you have appropriate key/keycard access to the building where these functions will be conducted. We ask you to ensure that researchers are never alone on campus completing ANY tasks that represent even a modest risk to health and safety. We also ask that you instruct key individuals how to maintain appropriate social distancing while they cooperate on these activities. We are highly supportive of individuals who need to attend to critical activities on campus, but we want you and your colleagues to emphasize a need for safety.

We will continue to communicate updates and changes as available. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call 742-4OPS.

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